Why Cisco certification is more important than ever

Digital technology is continually upgrading, with networks becoming more complex every day. Demand for employees with a sound knowledge of network infrastructure, is on the rise. So why is CISCO so in demand?

Cisco is a market leader in the field of networking

Cisco Systems is a leader in the world of networking technology. It’s a company with the largest market share ( 55%) in enterprise network infrastructure, with solutions powering the networks that transport internet traffic. According to Cisco, nearly every internet connection in the UK touches Cisco technology in some way.


Cisco is an industry-recognised qualification, and provides a yardstick in the IT industry by which all networking professionals are measured. Cisco certifications are among the most recognised IT and networking qualifications in the world. According to Reed there are currently around a million students in 165 countries studying towards a Cisco certification.

Benefits of a Cisco certification

  • A Cisco CCNA certification covers a wide variety of topics, from networking and security fundamentals, to security basics, programmability and more.
  • Certification enables employees to keep up with the latest, cutting edge technologies, endowing them with knowledge that can boost salaries and career opportunities.
  • Employers believe that Cisco certified employees are more valuable to their business, and that they are more knowledgeable than non-qualified employees.

Which industries use Cisco?

From the military, banks and government organisations, to big corporations and smaller businesses, all types of organisations rely on Cisco’s networking technology and devices. In the UK Cisco supports innovation in smart cities, transport, healthcare and manufacturing - as well as cybersecurity and digital transformation.


Benefits of having Cisco qualified staff

  • Many companies see their support costs decrease after employing trained certified staff. When a company has Cisco certified employees there’s always someone on hand should something go wrong, so there’s less reason to outsource.
  • With Cisco certified staff on board to fix issues, network downtime is reduced.
  • Certified staff have the ability to take on a greater number of more complex projects, and work more efficiently.
  • When pursuing a Cisco qualification employees are “in the mix” and can stay up to date with all new protocols. They can immediately bring these new and evolving technologies directly to their working environment, leading to better results.
  • Certified Cisco staff are better able to understand customer issues and solve them more effectively.
  • Employees with a Cisco certification tend to outperform their non-certified colleagues in network related projects. They’re reported to be better at solving technical issues, reducing network downtime, and are speedier to onboard.

Why choose the Cisco pathway, rather than CompTIA?

Both qualifications have been around for some time, and most employers have heard of them. The CompTIA qualification, however,  is more focused on helpdesk, hardware and software, while the Cisco Network Engineer program provides in-depth coverage of networking, security and automation.


Cisco certification allows individuals to systematically approach a networking task, via a shared, common language. This fundamental understanding gives certified staff to speed up network projects, leading to better outcomes. By focusing on a Cisco qualification businesses can save money on other, more generalised, certificates that have wider applications.

Why choose a network engineer apprenticeship?

Firebrand’s CISCO Network Engineer Apprenticeship Program offers employers and apprentices the best of both worlds: Apprentices are acquiring knowledge of Cisco networks and infrastructure, whilst applying these skills in the workplace.


5G Communications is just one of many companies reaping the rewards of Firebrand’s apprenticeship program, having seen a 92% student success rate, with 38% of students earning a distinction.


“5G Communications Ltd are really pleased and excited to be engaging with Firebrand as our training partner, once again! We see The CISCO Engineer Apprenticeship course as a win-win situation for us, the employer and for our people. 5G will gain highly trained, motivated and fully qualified individuals and the apprentices will attain industry recognised qualifications, whilst still in the workplace”


5G Communications Ltd

Simon Wade – HR Manager


The IT industry is constantly evolving, and no company can afford to sit on their laurels when it comes to improving their networking and other IT competencies. The UK is, however, facing a digital skills shortage, which is costing the  economy more than £63 billion a year. For this reason it’s essential that UK businesses embrace all relevant training opportunities. A great way for employers to quickly acquire the right skills, and add immediate value to their business, is via an apprenticeship.


Firebrand’s Network Engineer Apprenticeship program allows employees to gain in-depth knowledge of Cisco technology, and simultaneously bring these skills directly to the workplace.

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