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Who Cares: Wins!

Q3 for us here at Firebrand Training circulates around our core value: ‘Care’. Check out the following blog to see how we practiced the principle across the business.

We have four core values at Firebrand: Hunger, Open, Care and Fun. Each value is a focal point for each quarter of the year, practiced both internally as a business and with all that we offer you!

We start off the year with Open: open to opportunities, new ideas, and a real effort to start the new year with a fresh positive start. Walking into Spring with Quarter 2, we have Hunger: this is where we really knuckle down and educate ourselves on professional as well as personal development.

The final quarter of the year we have 'Fun', and to be honest, there’s always different tasks but it definitely is always very entertaining! In 2019 for example, it was about ‘How far can we get the Firebrand name’ – our Account Manager, Jez Warren, named a star after Firebrand Training!
Our third quarter, Care, is a particularly important one for us, and we all make a concerted effort to take part. Each member of Firebrand is given an extra day of annual leave to either volunteer somewhere to support their community or can choose to raise funds to support a charity. 
It is quite incredible what can be achieved in just 3 months!

What We Achieved 

From 5km+ runs to beach clean-ups, volunteering at charity shops and soup kitchens to fostering animals before they go to their forever homes - we did it all! 
In just 3 months, collectively as a company Firebrand was able to achieve just over £20,000 and counting - GoFundMe pages are still live for donations!   
Our team did 2 particularly grand events: a 20km walk throughout London on behalf of the British Heart Foundation, and a golf tournament at the golf park in Wyboston Lakes, where our Training Centre is based. 
The team walked throughout London on a beautiful sunny day, making stops at various clients and partners headquarters to encourage awareness for the British Heart Foundation.
At Wyboston, we had several of our directors, including co-founder Stefano Capaldo, organise a 14-hour golf day to raise awareness for individual charities, with a special mention to Macmillan Cancer Support. 
An additional special thanks to CompTIA for donating £1000 to Macmillan Cancer Support, matching the fundraising efforts of Graham Hunter when he attended our charity golf day at Wyboston Lakes. This fantastic donation means we raised just short of £10,000 for an amazing cause. 

Why This is Important

'Care' is an integral part of the Firebrand Mantra: care for our communities, for our individual professional and personal development, and a part of our mission to make sure you not only get certified, but receive the best training, support and experience when you choose us. 
Get in touch with us today, and find out how we can best support you and your career!