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What’s new in TOGAF® Standard, version 9.2?

Togaf ® 9.2 Announced: What's New?
The Open Group has announced the release of TOGAF® standard, version 9.2 – the latest release of the world’s leading enterprise architecture framework.

TOGAF® is a vendor neutral framework used by top businesses to build a common body of enterprise architecture language and knowledge.

Developed in 1995, TOGAF has been updated regularly throughout the years to keep current with new approaches and developments in enterprise architecture. The last update to the standard was in 2011, with the launch on TOGAF 9, version 9.1, which included a change to the way TOGAF objectives were assessed.

Read on to better understand the changes to the TOGAF standard, version 9.2, and how these updates affect the TOGAF 9 certification.

So, what’s new in TOGAF® standard, Version 9.2?

Using feedback from The Open Group community, the following significant changes have been made to the TOGAF standard:
  • The TOGAF manual has been broken down into a modular structure 
  • Clearer definitions and more terminology have been added 
  • The Content Metamodel unit has had a significant update 
  • The Business Architecture unit has been expanded and developed

Modular Structure

The most significant change to the standard was structural, reducing the hefty 650-page TOGAF manual to 500 pages and moving certain modules into separate guides, called the TOGAF Series Guides.

The TOGAF manual contained examples and referenced models that did not directly contribute to the TOGAF framework itself, which made the book difficult to navigate and manage.

This new modular structure allows The Open Group to make updates to modules more frequently, without editing the core TOGAF manual.

The following Series Guides have been or will be released soon:

*will be released by the end of 2018

Clearer Definitions and Added Terminology

With the goal of making the TOGAF framework truly the common language of enterprise architecture, The Open Group have added more concrete definitions to the TOGAF manual. Words that previously were assumed ‘common language’ have now been clearly defined to avoid any confusion.

This change comes after more stringent ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 standardisation of terminology for enterprise architecture, which TOGAF has embraced.

Content Metamodel Unit Update

The content metamodel depicts how all documents and processes relate to each other within the architecture repository.

The Open Group have updated this diagram, splitting up phases, creating new entities, revising entities and the relationships between them in the new diagram.

TOGAF 9.2 Content Metamodel
The full content metamodel

Business Architecture Model Unit Updates

TOGAF standard, version 9.1 simply described some stages of the Business Architecture Model (ADM) without explaining how to apply them. The TOGAF standard, version 9.2 supports the execution of the ADM, with particular focus on Architecture Vision and Business Architecture phases. More documentation in the TOGAF Library has been developed to support the implementation of these stages.

Technology Architecture has also been developed with a deeper focus on the Digital Trends and business transformation beyond IT.

The ADM now adapts to the business model and capabilities and highlights the importance of achieving business goals in enterprise architecture.

How does the version 9.2 updates affect the TOGAF 9 Certification?

The TOGAF 9 certification was recently updated to reflect the changes made to the TOGAF standard. The major changes revolved around developing the Architecture Development Model and Content Metamodel units in the curricula.

In line with the new modular structure, The Open Group have spread examinable content across various documents, referring to content that should be covered during your course as “Key Learning Points” or “Learning Outcomes”. This makes it easier to piece together all aspects of the enterprise architecture framework and create a comprehensive overview.

Despite structural and curriculum changes, the new exam remains the same format as the exam corresponding to the TOGAF standard, version 9.1:

  • Level 1: TOGAF 9 Foundation 
  • Level 2: TOGAF 9 Certified 

Each level requires you to pass an exam. Or, you could take a combined exam and attain Certified status.

How can I take the TOGAF standard, version 9.2?

To prove your expert knowledge in the TOGAF standard, version 9.2 framework, you’ll need to get certified. This handy blog post will introduce you to the top 10 TOGAF resources you don’t need to pay for, which will help you to study for the TOGAF exam.

For those who really need to get TOGAF standard, version 9.2 certified in the fastest possible time, take a look at Firebrand’s accelerated three day TOGAF course. At the end of your accelerated TOGAF standard, version 9.2 training course, you'll receive your OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 certification.

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.