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Opinion — Meta hit with record $1.3 bln fine over data transfers

Our Head of Data/AI Curriculum, Sean Rafter weighs in on yesterday's court decision.

"This has been a problem since the emergence of Cloud technologies. Cloud providers build in continuity plans around accessing data and that may mean that data is stored outside of the region it's created, like a fall-back region. I think the issue with transferring data to the US has been exacerbated by the concern of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies access to this data and what they can do with it, as revealed by Edward Snowden.

The reality is, Facebook have enough revenue not to store the data in the US; however, they are right in their assertion that this may create region silos for the internet.

Some organisations won't be aware that their data is stored outside of the region that it was recorded, so there is a requirement for organisations to fully understand how their data is processed, stored, and backed up, and exactly where the data they're responsible for is stored at all times."

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