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Job Survey: Where do you want to take your career?

We’ve created a job survey to find out what your career ambitions are as an individual, as well as an employer supporting your business; how you endeavour to achieve them, and what we can do to support your growth.

We are all aware of how difficult the last 6 months have been. Working towards achieving our goals despite this tumultuous time; being surrounded by what were secure jobs, now being made redundant, it's a scary and arduous time to say the least.

That's why we have decided to create a job survey
By completing the survey, you'll also be in the running to win a £50 Amazon voucher!
Take a look at the following article for further details of why Firebrand have decided to take part in this opportunity, and how we envision this journey with you. 

What is this job survey about?

The concept of the survey, designed for both individuals and employers, is to give you the opportunity to tell us directly how we can best support you. 
It has always been Fireband's mission to support the network of tech-savvy professionals, to contribute to the progression of technology training on a global spectrum, and to do so by offering official and accelerated courses to certify in. 
Whether you're employed, furloughed or recently redundant - to name a few potential situations - now is the time to upskill or reskill to improve your employability. 
By knowing what employers want from their team, and obtaining an understanding of how individuals seek to develop, as teachers we can help put the puzzle pieces together. 

Why are we offering this now?

As mentioned above as well as in several other blog posts, we have to remain flexible and adaptable to the climate we are currently confronted with. By filling out this survey, we can stay ahead of the curve. 
Our cloud-expert and lead instructor, Mike Brown, speaks about this in great depth in his guest blog, reflecting on a few key necessities to support flexibility and adaptability - whether it's changing career paths or now having to work remotely. 
Furthermore, our partners and reputable certification bodies - like MicrosoftISACA and AWS - have also become more flexible, so you can now take several exams online from the comfort and safety of your own home.
These are a few examples of universal efforts and resources to support the tech-community stay ahead of the curve. Now we want to hear from you! 
Please complete the job survey in the link below, be in the running to win the £50 Amazon voucher, and let us know what we can do to support your business and your own personal development.