IT trends — The most sought-after IT jobs in 2023

In 2023, there will be hot competition for IT talent and strong demand for experienced professionals. Potential employees are looking for the best compensation packages, along with a supportive workplace culture.

But, which roles will be the most valued? According to recruitment company Manpower, the most sought-after tech roles are:

1. Data Analyst

Data Analysts review data to reveal key business insights and uncover ways that data can be used to solve problems. Analysts need to have great analytical, numerical, and technical skills (for example, scripting languages) and, also, relaying information to all levels of stakeholders.

2. Cloud Architect

According to Statista, the public cloud computing market is set to increase from $495bn in 2022 to $599bn in 2023. So, no surprise that cloud professionals are in high demand!

Cloud Architects are responsible for creating cloud systems and developing cloud strategies. They need to be experienced in software development and have a knowledge of data storage and security fundamentals. This is not a junior position: most people move into Cloud Architect roles as they progress in their careers.

Top qualifications that can help secure a Cloud Architect role include Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

3. Software Developer

Software developers are increasingly sought-after, and that trend is not slowing down! Developers design, develop, install, and test software products and solutions. The job involves coding, designing, and building web and mobile applications, so a knowledge of coding languages like Java, C++, SQL or Microsoft.Net is a prerequisite.

A good software engineer needs to not only be able to carry out a brief, but recommend improvements, so strong technical, analytical and communications skills are also must-haves.

4. Technical Support

While individual tasks vary from company to company, a Technical Support Officer is there to ensure computer systems are running smoothly and customers and/or employees are getting the maximum benefit.

Responsibilities include installing and configuring hardware operating systems and applications, monitoring networks, helping users resolve issues, troubleshoot hardware and software faults, and support the roll out of new applications. Support desk employees need to be able to establish good relationships with a wide range of people too.

Qualifications in Business Information Technology, Computer Networking, or IT and Software Engineering will help a candidate secure a role as a Data Analyst.

5. IT Security

As technology evolves, so does the complexity and severity of cyber-attacks. For this reason, Information Security Analysts are in increasingly high demand.

Data Security Analysts are responsible for keeping computer networks safe from hackers and viruses. They are there to guarantee antivirus software and other security applications are up to date and working correctly They also need to assess security risks and procedures in order to pinpoint weaknesses and vulnerabilities and recommend improvements.

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