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Introducing AWS Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

Find out about Firebrand's free Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) in partnership with AWS.

Is your organisation Cloud-ready? Want to learn how to get the most out of AWS? Check out the following blog to find out about our free Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) in partnership with AWS.

Cloud migration was a necessity for most businesses, and COVID-19 has only increased its early adoption. Next year, cloud data centres are set to process 94% of all workloads; 32% of this processing is currently being provided by one vendor in particular - Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is a free, 3-step assessment programme which can be used to help identify the cloud skills gaps in your business.

As the world moves increasingly towards full-scale cloud adoption, can you be sure that you and your business are well-versed in domains like computing power, storage, and databases?

Check out the following article to see how AWS LNA can support your business' progression and up-skill your team with Amazon Web Services

Why you need AWS Learning Needs Analysis

AWS LNA simply acts as a support system to make sure you’re achieving the right AWS certifications for your career, and to help your team improve their skills and cloud knowledge. 
Supporting a wide range of roles and competencies like Security, Software Development, DevOps, Machine Learning (ML) and IT Infrastructure and Operations, this consultative LNA approach will enable individual as well as organisational learning and development pathways.

How to use AWS Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

Our AWS LNA in association with AWS is a free, 3-step assessment programme that will help you to identify your organisations' cloud skills gaps. LNA is AWS' version of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

To register for AWS LNA and find out what training is missing from your team, follow these easy 3 steps:

Step One: Assessment

Where business outcomes are mapped to organisational structures, and existing roles are mapped to recommended AWS roles

Step Two: Analysis

A self-assessment which measures cloud knowledge and skills across multiple functional areas

Step Three: Implementation

We deliver the results, based on the extraction of the overall metrics and scores, and develop training plans mapped to AWS courses and certifications

Get AWS Certified

At Firebrand Training, we pride ourselves on providing targeted solutions that are right for your organisation and addresses the needs of your employees.

With your confidence and knowledge of which certifications you want to achieve, in-hand with our specialist consultants, you’ll get AWS certified in an accelerated fashion and return to the office an expert in your chosen field. 

The move towards cloud is gathering pace, so 
get in touch with one of our consultants and discover how our accelerated training can provide you with solutions for now and the future.
Faisal Malik is a Cyber Security specialist with over 20 years of experience developing strategy for leading international certifications, engaging with Enterprise/Government/Academic capacity building initiatives, and supporting the career development of professionals from across the EMEA region.