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Hacker Halted Europe Interviews Part 6 – Svavar Ingi Hermannsson

In October, EC-Council’s Hacker Halted came to Europe for the first time. Firebrand attended the conference in Reykjavik, Iceland and interviewed industry experts about the hottest topics in cyber security.

Svavar Ingi Hermannsson is an Information Risk Management expert at KPMG. He has over 20 years of experience in computer security. His expertise covers code auditing, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment.

Until recently Iceland has been relatively untouched by serious cyber-attacks; however indications are that increasing sophistication is being used to target local entities. At Hacker Halted Europe, Svavar’s keynote presentation addressed the current level of Network Security in Iceland, based on a recent nationwide study undertaken by KPMG.

As part of the study, they scanned the entire IPv4 range of Iceland. This scan discovered over 2,000 Cisco boxes, which had open ports running and over 700 of them had open telnet ports.

To learn about further findings of the research and the increasing IT security awareness in Iceland, watch the full interview: