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Hacker Halted Europe Interviews Part 5 – Alexander Polyakov

In October, EC-Council’s Hacker Halted came to Europe for the first time. Firebrand attended the conference in Reykjavik, Iceland and interviewed industry experts about the hottest topics in cyber security.

Alexander Polyakov is the co-founder and CTO of ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP. He’s an expert on the security of enterprise business-critical software, such as ERP, CRM SR, as well as enterprise applications developed by SAP and Oracle. Alexander is the author of numerous surveys and whitepapers devoted to IT security research in SAP.

The conference organisers invited Alexander to speak about vulnerabilities, threats and trends of SAP in 2013. The presentation outlined the importance of raising awareness on securing ERP Systems based on SAP. As business critical data is often stored in the SAP system, it is absolutely essential to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities. Alexander also pointed out that the exposure of SAP systems to the internet can bear serious consequences, as cybercriminals might gain access to them, using simple vulnerabilities.

To learn more about the latest threats and trends of SAP systems, watch the full interview: