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Four great benefits of the PMP certification

Certifications are the perfect indicators of the skills, knowledge and experience you possess in your field of expertise. Whether you’re a network engineer, a software developer or project manager, certifications will always give you the edge over your competition, but this is not the only benefit.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMI’s PMP certification is one of the most prestigious and popular credentials in the project management field. Due to its prominence, project management professionals, more often than not, are inclined to add PMP to their collections. However, getting the cert is not easy, so it’s best to familiarise yourself with the benefits to help you through the process.

Entering new circles: Indirect benefits, such as this one, are often overlooked, even though they can turn out to be extremely valuable. Picture this; you are training to get your PMP certification where you meet fellow “PMP-to-be” candidates. This is a fantastic networking opportunity, because you are working towards the same goal, which may be true outside of the classroom as well. Once you have the certification, you are in the elite community of PMPs, where you can continue networking with likeminded professionals.

Prestige and skills:The PMP course will teach you new skills, which you’ll be able put into practice as soon as you’re out of the classroom. But that’s not all! Your certification will also give your personal prestige, as well as your CV a mighty boost. There will be times when those three letters next to your name will be the reason why you are hired over another consultant or freelancer.

Continuous learning:Recruiters, managers and executives are always seeking professionals whose appetite for knowledge is insatiable and who never want to stop learning. Learning is the key to staying on top of what’s changing and evolving around you. Preparing for the PMP certification is a demanding process and it’ll put you in the habit of pursuing knowledge. Never stop learning and you’ll be always a step ahead.

Higher salary: Okay, you would definitely think of this benefit, but we still need to talk about it, because the figures may surprise you. So, intangible and indirect benefits are great, but the most noticeable measure of your career progress is the amount you earn. Adding that PMP credential next to your name can quickly lead to a 20% increase in your salary or billing rate if you’re a consultant. According to PMP certified project managers, on average, earn over £58k per year. But that’s not all, 10% of PMPs get even higher paychecks. Experienced, capable and committed project management professionals are offered a salary of more than £85.

Network with your PMP peers, keep learning and exploit all the benefits of your PMP certification, and you can belong to that elite 10%.

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