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Firebrand Training turns 20!

Firebrand Training has turned 20! Check out our story and find out what our celebrations can mean for you.

Today marks Firebrand Training’s 20th anniversary — and how delighted we are to celebrate it with you all!

We have changed names, gone through recessions, a global pandemic, years on the brink, and years where we have excelled, and we are here today to say how proud we are that we have been achieving our mission to shrink the skills gap, get you certified, and accelerate your tech career!

The History of Firebrand

20 years ago today, Firebrand Training was ‘Training Camp’ — a simple website curated and run by our owners, Rob Chapman and Stef Capaldo, with the aspiration of certifying hundreds of students in technology.

Part of the induction of every Firebrand employee is learning about its history. The moral of the Firebrand story is that, no matter how much pressure comes at you from every angle, if you believe in the product and you enjoy and take pride in your work, you remain undefeated!

The story goes as such:

Rob and Stef were friends who had the idea of starting up a tech training centre. This business opportunity was quite niche at the beginning of the millennium, but potential successes greatly outweighed the risks.

In September 2001, the world went to a standstill as the Twin Towers collapsed in New York City. Stef was in New York at the time; our instructors were due to be flown from there for delivery in the UK.

Rob, stuck in London, couldn’t get in touch with anyone. At this point, forget all personal investments into a pipe dream, there was the real risk of losing a friend.

Luckily, all were safe — Stef, his family, and the instructors who were due to fly out that day.

The feeling of hope, of not wasting time and being a real go-getter never left Firebrand and remains part of our core values to this day.

Where we are now

20 years later, Firebrand has certified over 100,000 students. We have branched out to the Apprenticeships world to make sure our mission to educate everyone has continued, and we've recently started to deliver Skills Bootcamps as part of the UK Government’s Plan for Jobs campaign.

We now have training centres in DACH, BENELUX, and the Nordics. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have built-in our OIL platform (Online Instructor-Led learning) to make sure you can continue to get certified from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We are an Authorised Training Provider to leading certification bodies, including MicrosoftEC-CouncilAmazon Web Services (AWS)(ISC)2CompTIA, and Cisco to name just a few, and have been winning accolades each year for being the Top 20 Training Company in the World.

We’re still growing, still learning, and still working towards achieving our mission of getting you certified in an accelerated fashion.

What's next for Firebrand Training?

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be launching an array of blogs, promotions, and offers in celebration of our 20 years as one of the top training providers in Europe. Watch this space!