BLOG Firebrand Training’S 2021 Tech Pro Role Models Multitasker

Firebrand Training’s 2021 Tech Pro Role Models: The Multitasker

Continuing our Tech Pro Role Models campaign with Pallavi Patel, Firebrand's very own senior IT instructor. Check out the following to hear her story!

Pallavi’s career in tech began after a training centre manager saw huge potential in her. Now a seasoned IT trainer for Firebrand Training, Pallavi ensures that IT professionals are fully up to speed with the latest technology developments. 
Going freelance has enabled Pallavi to carve out a career that she controls rather than a job that controls her.

We spoke with her to find out more...

So Pallavi, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a mother of two grown-up children, based in London. When I'm not teaching or prepping for a new Firebrand course, I enjoy cooking and traveling.

How did you get into tech?

After studying physics at university, I initially wanted to go into marketing. On the interview board there was a training centre manager who got in touch and suggested that I should become a trainer instead. 
It was nice that he saw potential in me to join his team and since the company had a really good graduate recruitment programme, I decided to join as a trainer teaching all of their engineers worldwide. 
I was also responsible for managing the systems for them.

After having two kids, I decided to become a freelancer managing children and clients at the same time. I’ve been an IT freelancer for over 20 years now and can happily say that I have a job that I control, rather than a job that controls me.

What do you do in your current role?

I’m a freelance IT trainer. It may sound simple, but the role requires a lot of time and energy keeping up with the latest technologies as I need to be confident when talking to clients.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you were starting out in tech?

My main piece of advice would be don’t be scared to ask how things work.

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