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Firebrand Training’s 2021 Tech Pro Role Models: The Motivator

Continuing our Tech Pro Role Models campaign with Charu Gera, Data Analyst Apprentice at Avanade. Check out the following to hear her story!
A university lecturer spurred on by her own desire to keep growing professionally, and keen to prove to her former students that tech was a viable career pathway for women, Charu embarked on a Data Analyst Apprenticeship at digital cloud services company, Avanade. 
The expert tuition she received from Firebrand Training has proven instrumental in her career journey and provided her with a solid foundation in data analytics. Supported every step of the way by her Firebrand mentors, Charu has been able to progress her career in a field that she feels passionate about.

We spoke with her to find out more...

So Charu, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I came to the UK from India over a decade ago where I was involved in research and development in biological sciences while also teaching undergraduate students. I’m now based in Bromley, Kent. 

How did you get into tech?

I started out as a private tutor teaching maths and science from KS3 through to A-Level. While I found tutoring and helping students to understand difficult concepts really fulfilling, I felt that I had stopped growing professionally. 
I’ve always had an aptitude for maths and science and could learn technical topics with relative ease. I was keen not to get left behind in a rapidly changing world, so I decided to apply for the Data Analyst Apprentice position at Avanade.

I was also saddened when I saw that my students (especially girls) often had very debilitating beliefs about their ability to do well in maths, physics and computers. They had the ability to do well in these fields but were held back by their own self-limiting beliefs.
I’m a passionate believer in STEM subjects being extremely relatable to our everyday lives and shouldn’t be studied just to get good grades at GCSE or A-Level.

What do you do in your current role?

I work as a Data Analyst Apprentice at Avanade which sees me perform ad-hoc and routine statistical analysis on datasets. I also clean and validate data, build and test models, and carry out forecasting.

How has a Firebrand Training certification helped you in your career progression?

I received a huge amount of support and positive encouragement from my Firebrand mentors. The training strengthened my own self-belief and encouraged me to push myself further. 
I was also able to draw on their expertise if I was stuck on any technical aspects. 
My Firebrand mentors were always happy to help out and there was plenty of learning resources to help advance my studies. 
I can’t thank Firebrand enough for their support and encouragement on my apprenticeship journey.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you were starting out in tech?

I wish I had started sooner – it’s an immensely rewarding career. 
I hope that more girls take up STEM and computer subjects at school as it will open up a world of opportunities for them.

Firebrand and Data Apprenticeships

The UK Government have recently released (technically still in the process of releasing) updates to Data Apprenticeships.

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