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Firebrand Opens Enrolment for New Cohort of DevOps Apprenticeships

Firebrand will be launching their DevOps Apprenticeships in March. Check out the following blog for more information!

Firebrand are delighted to announce the opening for enrolment of a March cohort of DevOps Apprenticeships. 

The role of DevOps is to minimise the time to deploy your business' applications and provide an environment where continuous updates can be arranged safely and securely. 
The DevOps specialist would achieve this while acting as the medium between teams and users of your applications, feeding it back into the development lifecycle.

This role has proven essential for the progression of your business’ scalability and productivity; in fact, a lot of us question how we managed before a DevOps support system!

Check out the following article to find out:
  • What DevOps is and what the DevOps Apprenticeship training entails
  • Why you would want to become a DevOps Apprentice
  • Why you would want to hire a DevOps Apprentice

What does the DevOps Apprenticeship entail?

DevOps create and promotes best practices and principles to simplify and accelerate development cycles. The apprentice would focus on end-to-end delivery and support making the user experience better.

Through the DevOps Apprenticeships, students would learn the necessary intricate knowledge and skills to implement this.

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be focusing on the following courses:

Software Development Fundamentals

You’ll learn a basic understanding of the software development lifecycle and the decisions that must be made when selecting a software development methodology.

Programming in Python ll

Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level programming language, focusing on code readability, with a syntax that allows you to program applications using fewer lines of code.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Python programming and the skills to develop and maintain Python scripts using the latest version of Python. You’ll also build knowledge on:
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Control structures
  • I/O operations
  • Solve complex computing problems using built-in modules

Through this course, you will be guided through creating console applications and apply what you learned to solving realistic business problems, accelerating your training needed for real-world issues.

BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps

Through this BCS Foundation course, you’ll gain knowledge on the fundamental DevOps values, practices and techniques that are essential for you to improve the workflows and establish faster deployments.

Google Cloud DevOps Engineer

This Google Cloud DevOps Engineer course will teach you all the essential skills to become a DevOps Engineer. You’ll build knowledge on:
  • How to apply engineering principles to service 
  • Build and implement CI/CD pipelines 
  • Service monitoring strategies
  • Optimise performance
  • Manage incidents 


Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer

You’ll learn the techniques to become an Azure DevOps Engineer, including:
  • Combining people
  • Process and technology to deliver products and services that meet business and end user needs

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

On this course, you’ll learn how to implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies, essential to becoming an A WS DevOps Engineer.

CCSK Certified Cloud Security Knowledge

This course focuses on cloud security. You’ll learn to demonstrate an awareness of the security threats facing the cloud infrastructure of your business.

Why would employers be seeking DevOps Apprenticeships?

On reflection as an employer, the question now is, why would you be interested in hiring a DevOps Apprentice?

The DevOps Apprentice does not remove the necessity of the Software Developer, but rather enhances accessibility for the Software lifecycle.

Essentially, the role of a DevOps Apprentice acts as the glue between Software Developers and Operations. The training is focused on supporting the Software Developer make the process more efficient, escalating the productivity and establishing high standard solutions for the business.

As the glue of the development team, we go back to the original question: how did we succeed without a DevOps solution before!

The role of a DevOps is an all-rounded role with the following requirements:

  • Brilliant at multi-tasking and learning very quickly on the job 
  • Hugely approachable and people-orientated – as the role requires you to follow and support the lifecycle of the development and deployment, it is imperative the DevOps has good communicative skills. This also folds into teamwork and collaboration being key as the DevOps will streamline the communication between teams 
  • Awareness – again, following the lifecycle of software development, DevOps will be intune with the platform, as well as cloud knowledge and security. Though they are not a Software Developer, they must understand the intricate parts of the lifecycle
If you are an employer or business interested in hiring DevOps Apprentices or are not completely convinced in hiring, please get in touch with our expert consultants.