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Data, AI & ML: A Guide to Firebrand's Q1 Campaign

Starting the year off with a bang - our Data, AI and ML campaign! Check out the following blog for a guide to our Q1 campaign. 

The future of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is bright: it’s projected to be worth $77 billion by 2023 and the stats are growing rapidly. So from all of us here at Firebrand, we want to encourage you to start getting proactive in the world of Data, AI and ML.

Some definitions of the technology to keep in mind:

Big Data - refers to the huge sets of data that are collected by businesses on a daily basis. We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and this data can be hard to store and analyse due to its size, speed and complexity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - an umbrella term used to describe the concept that machines can be programmed to be “smart”, and learn, in order to better carry out tasks. ML is one of AI’s subfields.

Machine Learning (ML) - a branch of AI that concerns itself with data and a machine's ability to process it autonomously. In essence, it is the idea that we can give a machine access to our data and it will make smart decisions and find insights into data without being explicitly programmed to do so.

As we had such a successful Q1 in 2021 exploring Data, AI and ML, we have decided to launch the campaign again, but this time with a twist!

Not only will we be delivering numerous blogs on the subject, free webinars on specific courses, overviews and predicted futures of the technology, we will also be exploring how Data, AI and ML have affected different industries - whether you’re a part of them, or interested in becoming so, you need to know what the future holds.

Each week will be dedicated to a different industry. We’ll be ranging from retail to agriculture, health care to professional services.

We encourage you to use this blog as your guide to our campaign, where you can easily access each of the blogs, information on the webinars, and maybe even some of our hot promotions for the campaign.

Make sure you know what the future of Data, AI and ML holds for your career.

The following industries will be explored over the coming weeks; take a look at the list below for your current or chosen industry, and keep up to date with the information you need to succeed in your career:
  1. Health care
  2. Retail
  3. Agriculture
  4. Education
  5. Tourism and border control
  6. Sport
  7. Entertainment
  8. Environment
  9. Transport
  10. Defence
  11. Supply Chain
  12. Professional services
  13. Construction
Still not convinced that Data, AI and ML is the career path for you? Join our FREE overview of Data, AI and ML, delivered by our leading Data Subject Matter Expert on the 12th of Janurary, 2021 @10AM (GMT).