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Accelerate 2021... Here's What Happened On The Day

On the 24th of September, we held our 20-year company anniversary - otherwise known as “Accelerate”! The day started discussing business and the future of Firebrand, followed by a jam-packed day of team building and fun! Read on to find out more.

Accelerate has been a mainstay in the Firebrand calendar since the company was founded in 2001 and serves as a great way for an international company to stay connected. Like most things, Accelerate was affected by the pandemic and as a result, 2020 was the first year with no annual event.

2021’s Accelerate was therefore the first time we had all got together for over 2 years! Sadly most international Firebranders were unable to attend due to travel restrictions, however, they still took part in some capacity with a live-streamed video of the business update.

With this being the 20th anniversary of the business it made sense to host Accelerate at the beating heart of Firebrand: the wonderful Wyboston Lakes Resort, where the Training Centre is based. 
The day started with a business update and speeches from the senior management group, the future of Firebrand was the biggest takeaway and all present left with a real sense of company pride and belief in the fact that, although 20 years have passed, “we are just getting started”. Perhaps one of the best illustrations of this was eluded to during CEO Robert Chapman’s speech when he told the room, “Since we last met in 2019, we have had over 80 people join the business”.

After a spot of lunch, the company was split into groups for the 20th Anniversary quiz! Questions ranged from “Guess the Firebrander from this description” to “name the top 5 grossing films from the year the company was founded”, and at the end of 5 tough rounds, Director of Finance and HR Gordon MacLeod’s team was victorious!
What followed was a surprise to almost everyone - a trip to RIDE watersports centre at Wyboston Lakes. Just a short walk away was the mother of all inflatable obstacle courses, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and even archery! Everyone got involved in some capacity and what followed was hours of water-based fun!

From 5pm the esteemed annual Firebrand football match kicked off and members of the team faced off in a no-holds-barred epic for the ages - it is a wonder no one was injured! A “next goal wins” screamer into the top corner from Amir Bourhfir secured the win for the non-bibbed side and the game finished 5-4.
A drinks reception and dinner took place from 7pm. The theme naturally involved the number 20 - either how did you dress when you were 20, or as a character for what came out in 2001. 
The fancy dress competition was a closely fought affair with everything from Hagrid to Britney Spears and even a gladiator! But the winner was Natalie Wilson as Cruella De Vil. Wyboston lakes provided a fantastic American-themed buffet and after dinner, a live band played with members of the team taking turns to be the lead singer, a concept called “Bandaroke”.
All in all, it was a fantastic day enjoyed by all Firebrand staff thanks to Glenn, Anita and Chelsea for organising! Sound like fun? Want to become our next hire? We have lots of roles open, don’t hesitate to apply.