What do apprentices learn?

Your apprentice receives award-winning accelerated Firebrand training throughout their programme. They’ll get training and certifications from industry-leading partners like Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and CompTIA alongside additional support from their Learning Mentor.

Accelerated Learning

Our training style is what makes Firebrand unique among its competitors – and what makes our training the first choice for industry professionals.

Apprentices get a range of market-leading accelerated training as part of their qualification – typically between three and five courses per apprenticeship - giving them fundamental skills at speed.

Browse our full portfolio of apprenticeship programmes to see which Firebrand courses align to each Standard.

What Accelerated Learning is – and what it isn’t

Firebrand’s approach is to make learning days longer than traditional training, allowing more time to cover course topics. Learners spend each day studying theory, undertaking practical exercises, tutor Q&A sessions and revision activities, so that knowledge and skills sink in and stay in. Courses are delivered from our residential training site, with all meals and accommodation included in course costs.

By extending training days, we shorten course durations by 50% compared to traditional courses for the same product or skillset. This means apprentices get back to the office faster, newly equipped with the same skills as their professional colleagues and ready to put them into practice.

Taking fewer days to deliver means we’re using our available time in a smarter way, eliminating everyday distractions and the need to travel, so apprentices can focus entirely on their learning. It’s not an ‘exam cram’ just so apprentices are only fit to pass a test!

Learning in the workplace

All Firebrand apprentices spend at least 95% of their apprenticeship learning at work. Our structured delivery ensures apprentices learn everything they need to know – and everything you want them to know – without neglecting their day-to-day role.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive month-by-month timetable to show the learning to be delivered that month, the format (e.g. online, off-the-job activity, residential training course) and the support required from employers and Firebrand. Everyone supporting the apprentice receives a copy of the timetable, helping us work together and avoiding any surprises along the way.

Online learning

Apprentices gain key knowledge through online training from a range of more than 300 specialist digital training courses, provided by our learning partners Pluralsight and Springboard. Pluralsight is an interactive course provider offering a wealth of learning resources and a ‘sandbox’ learning environment which allows apprentices virtual practice of new skills before taking them onto live systems. Springboard’s online courses are project-based, matching apprentices with real-world mentors to simulate the working environment.

Developing your apprenticeship programmes

Apprentices at Firebrand receive a unique learning experience, built around our accelerated training courses. Here’s how we combine Government requirements with those of your business to build apprenticeships that deliver the skills you really need.

Step 1: Reviewing Knowledge Modules

Every standard has a number of Knowledge Modules associated with it, which must be covered – and evidence of cover provided - to gain the apprenticeship. Our Product Development and Curriculum Team review the content of these modules regularly to understand the content and how this maps against our portfolio of more than 700 accelerated training courses.

Step 2: Reviewing the Occupational Brief

The Occupational Brief corresponds to each Standard, containing a detailed breakdown of the learning outcomes and job experience required to pass the apprenticeship. The Product Development and Curriculum Team work with our Operations Team to cover the brief’s required skills and behaviours through additional Firebrand training courses, online training, off-the-job activities and further teaching delivered by our Learning Mentors.

Step 3: Aligning Firebrand’s accelerated courses

The Product Development and Curriculum Team create a core training offer for each apprenticeship that covers all Knowledge Module content and any additional requirements detailed in the occupational brief. Our recommended offer for each apprenticeship (including any mandatory courses) is set out on our website, including details of the knowledge modules each course covers.

Where more than one course covers the knowledge module requirements, we list the alternatives, allowing employers to choose what courses apprentices take while ensuring they cover all requirements for the standard. We also offer bespoke product options for some apprenticeships, allowing apprentices to specialise in particular systems used in their business.

Firebrand’s Operations, Product Development and Curriculum teams help customers identify a preferred mix of courses, which are documented in the Provision of Apprenticeships form signed by all parties prior to the start of learning.

The industry-recognised training your apprentice gets include vendors like:

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