How Reliance acsn Accelerate Their Cyber Security Training With Firebrand Apprenticeships

Reliance acsn is a digital and cyber security service provider that plans, structures, deploys, tests and manages IT security infrastructure.

Reliance acsn currently manages over 1,000 security devices for more than 80 customers across five continents, with clients spanning multiple sectors including banking, telecoms, retail, government, insurance and leisure. To ensure Reliance employees are trained in the latest cyber security skills, they took on seven cyber security apprentices through Firebrand.

Fixing the cyber skills gap

With cyber security a subject at the top of most businesses agenda, there is now a skills gap in the IT industry as not enough businesses have people trained in the right cyber security skills to deal with the ever increasing threats. Reliance acsn understands there’s not enough people in the marketplace at the moment to deal with the level of cyber security threats - and apprenticeships are a great way to hire employees early and nurture them in a company’s culture as well as helping to develop the most up to date skills the business needs.

Reliance acsn has already started reaping the benefits of hiring Firebrand apprentices. The apprenticeship enables the employees to be trained whilst they work, so they can begin proactively helping on projects as well as shadowing senior members to learn about the business.

The cyber security provider chose cyber security apprenticeships with Firebrand to ensure they were training people with a passion for IT security and a desire to help sustain the industry. The apprenticeship also encourages other employees and the business in general to keep up to speed with the latest data and updates.

John Madelin, CEO at Reliance acsn says:

“Cyber security is more important than ever and businesses need to regularly train their staff to stay on top of the latest developments. We’ve realised the value of creating an apprenticeship scheme as it allows us to develop the best talent in an industry that currently has a large skills gap. Our cyber apprentices are already actively contributing to projects and will continue to develop their learning throughout the training.”
“We’re really pleased with the support from Firebrand throughout the whole process. Firebrand is continuously in touch through the portal and following up to make sure all our apprentices are doing well. The accelerated training also means the apprentices have minimal time away from their desks and learn the new skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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