Get an IT job with free training

More than 45% of businesses struggle to find the right staff, and the EU states that soon there will be a shortfall of 700,000 IT jobs across Europe. Take this opportunity to combine what you learnt at university with professional IT training, and get a paid job at the same time!

Firebrand Academy is a partnership between Microsoft and Firebrand Training. Join us, as we hire and train the IT professionals of the future.

First, we'll help you find your new employer, and then we'll train you in specific Microsoft skills that you won't have gained at university. The programme will ensure you have the required technical skills for the job, as well as teach you how to become a valuable IT consultant.

All we ask is that you have a degree in a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths), with a grade of 2.2 or higher. You must also have a strong interest in IT.

It you meet these requirements, register now and start your career in IT. The programme is free and you will get paid from day one!

What kind of training will I get?

You'll be trained by the most competent IT-educators in the business. Your qualification programme takes approximately three months to complete and alternates between education in our dedicated training centre, practical experience in your new job and mentoring. All the programmes include the official industry-recognised certifications that are your ticket to a long term career in the industry.

I was just in university, why do I need even more training?

Whatever your educational background, you'll need the specific sets of skills and certifications that are taught in the Firebrand Academy in order to be productive in your new job. Also, besides the hard skills, you'll also get the soft skills you need to become consultant.

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