Why you need a graduate

It's unlikely that you'll be able to compete effectively if you can't meet customers' demand due to lack of resources. The truth is there simply aren't enough available resources, and that´s an obvious threat to the growth of the IT industry. More than 45% of businesses struggle to find the right staff, and the EU states that soon there will be a shortfall of 700,000 IT jobs across Europe.

Where can you find the talent?

With the market so competitive, it makes sense to look to graduates. Provide your graduate with even-higher education, so they’re ready for your IT role. The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills reports that the recruitment of graduates increases the intellectual capacity of a workforce. With Firebrand Academy, your new hire will go from graduate to IT consultant, in just three months – alternating between intense training and getting practical experience on the job.

All Academy programmes are delivered with our unique accelerated Training model and it's all inclusive. A one-off fee covers the recruitment and:

  • Academy Training programme
  • All course materials
  • Exams
  • Food and accommodation at our dedicated Training Centre

We have 1,000s of applicants aged from 16-24 – all we need is your job description. We’ll then advertise, and perform all of the eligibility checks and telephone interviews, before providing you with a shortlist of the best candidates.

Join the likes of Carphone Warehouse, Thomson Reuters, Hitachi, TechQuarters (National Apprenticeship Award winners) and Pythagoras (Microsoft Apprentice of the Year winners) in hiring a young Firebrand.