About Firebrand Academy

Firebrand Training, is the leader in accelerated learning training courses offering over 165 IT courses in everything from Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle to PRINCE2 and ethical hacking.

Since its inception in 2001 the company has grown at an incredible rate and now boasts a turnover of £15m worldwide. More than 68,075 students have gained IT and project management training with Firebrand.

Firebrand has training centres around the world and has training centres in the UK; DACH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria); Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland); and Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg).

Firebrand Training has been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World by TrainingIndustry.com and has won the Institute of IT Training – Training Company Of The Year for three consecutive years.

It is a Microsoft Gold Partner, part of Microsoft's Elite Learning Solutions Partner Group (CPLS), and a Cisco and Oracle partner. Firebrand Training Nordics is Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year (2010, 2011 and 2012) and is the first Microsoft partner business to achieve this award three years in a row.

What is Firebrand Accelerated Learning and why is it so effective?

Accelerated Learning is a principle of teaching, well proven for over 50 years. It was developed by psychologists to provide a more effective way to retain and learn information.

We learn in different ways: visual, tactile and auditory, and everyone has a way of learning that suits them best. By rotating these approaches throughout the day, accelerated learning targets each person’s preferred style – and reinforces the information through the other two.

Traditional format courses require many months of classes, self-study and exams, costing companies valuable employee time and delaying the impact of new technical skills. However, accelerated Learning provides staff with an intensive, hands-on education in a very short days and weeks instead of months and years.

Our Training centres create a unique learning environment with no distractions; away from work and other commitments so that students can succeed and have the flexibility to learn 24 hours a day should they wish.