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Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 What’s New – Technical

- Just 2 Days

AX & Cloud architecture

  • Visual studio
  • Cross platform client
  • Power BI

Server architecture

  • Data access layer
  • “AOS”
  • Forms Engine
  • Data entities

Application architecture changes


  • Application Suite
  • Application foundation
  • Application platform

Development in Visual studio

  • Visual Studio UI
  • AX 7 Menu
  • Models, overlayering and extensions
  • Code Editor
  • Location of the model and file structure
  • Model Wizard
  • Project, create new export import
  • Add element, modify element, build and deploy
  • Resources

New in Data dictionary

  • Enums
  • EDT
  • Tables and Indexes
  • Queries
  • Best practices


  • Form types
  • Patterns and sub-patterns
  • Form modes
  • Statistics and new Visual studio form tools
  • Controls

Menus and Items


  • New class view
  • Code, keywords, operators, variable declarations
  • Comparison tool
  • Best practices


  • Build and debugging object code in VS

Data entities

  • Data entity concept
  • Services
  • Best practice


  • New security architecture
  • Properties on key elements

Additional features

  • SSRS reports
  • BI (Power BI)
  • Exceptions

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