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Get the skills to upgrade, configure and customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 on this 7 day accelerated MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 course.

Your expert Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) will immerse you in the course using Firebrand's unique Lecture | Lab | Review technique. You'll get hands-on experience covering topics including:

  • Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 settings, security and email services
  • Administering the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment
  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with other applications
  • Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

Your accelerated course will prepare you for exams MB2-715 and MB2-716. You will sit these on-site during the course, covered by your Certification Guarantee.


Earning your MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification demonstrates you have the skills for a position as a Dynamics 365 developer, implementation consultant, technical support engineer, or system administrator. It also acts as the first step towards earning the MCSE: Business Applications certification.

Please note: Exam MB2-715 retires on 30th June 2019. If you attend your accelerated course after this date, you will not be able to sit this exam.

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Seven reasons why you should sit your course with Firebrand Training

  1. You'll be MCSA Dynamics 365 certified in just 7 days. With us, you’ll be MCSA Dynamics 365 trained in record time
  2. Our MCSA Dynamics 365 course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals. No hidden extras
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  5. You’ll learn MCSA Dynamics 365 faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual, auditory and tactile styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily
  6. You’ll be studying MCSA Dynamics 365 with the best. We’ve been named in Training Industry’s “Top 20 IT Training Companies of the Year” every year since 2010. As well as winning many more awards, we’ve trained and certified 72,589 professionals, and we’re partners with all of the big names in the business
  7. You'll do more than study Firebrand's courseware. We use practical exercises to make sure you can apply your new knowledge to the work environment. Our instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the day interesting and engaging

See prices now to find out how much you could save when you train at twice the speed.

Other accelerated training providers rely heavily on lecture and independent self-testing and study.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.

Firebrand Training provides instruction to meet every learning need:

  • Intensive group instruction
  • One-on-one instruction attention
  • Hands-on labs
  • Lab partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer drills
  • Independent study

This information has been provided as a helpful tool for candidates considering training. Courses that include certification come with a Certification Guarantee. Pass first time or train again for free (just pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs). We do not make any guarantees about personal successes or benefits of obtaining certification. Benefits of certification determined through studies do not guarantee any particular personal successes.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment

Create a Customer Organisational Structure

  • Support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client environment - Validate minimum browser requirements for devices utilisng the web interface to access Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensure client devices meet the minimum hardware specifications, support outlook integration by using Outlook or Outlook with Dynamics 365 App for Outlook installed, manage phone and tablet client environments
  • Deploy Microsoft Dynamics - Determine the proper edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suited for the client; determine the proper pricing, packaging, and subscription model based on the needs of the organisational environment; create a deployment plan to meet organisational considerations
  • Import data into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment - Design a data import plan, import data through supported methodologies, upload data from on-premises to Azure, manage large volume migrations with the Data Loader service
  • Manage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment - Sign-up and cancel subscriptions, manage users, configure SSO and AD synchronisation within hybrid environments with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), configure administrative access, assign roles

Administer the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environment

  • Deploy instances - Deploy appropriate number and types of instances for designated environments, deploy sandbox and production instances, configure and edit instance properties
  • Manage instances - Switch an instance, reset an instance, delete an instance, copy an instance, manage regions and multiple tenant environments, manage storage and resources, manage administrative email notifications
  • Manage updates - Design a Microsoft Dynamics 365 update policy; review, approve, and skip updates; schedule updates

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Other Applications

  • Integrate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive with Microsoft Dynamics - Configure Exchange server synchronisation for incoming and outgoing traffic, manage folder based tracking flows, manage SharePoint integration, enable OneDrive for Business, configure control access and folder structure for SharePoint
  • Integrate other Microsoft Online Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics - Manage OneNote integration, manage Microsoft Social Engagement integration, manage Yammer integration, manage workspace collaboration with Office 365 Groups, manage and configure Delve integration
  • Integrate customised and third party applications with Microsoft Dynamics - Configure and manage app modules, create customised function apps with App Designer, create site maps by using Design App Mapper, obtain access to additional apps through App Source and Power Apps

Manage Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Environments

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Outlook - Manage supported environments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook through multiple methods, configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook to connect to multiple instances, configure synchronised fields, perform basic functions using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook interface
  • Manage and configure mobile apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones express and newer Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets, configure entities and security privileges, manage CRM forms and dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 settings - Configure auditing, document management, and collaboration; configure administration settings; perform data management tasks; perform user management; implement themes
  • Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 security - Identify security roles, define permissions and privileges, configure access levels, configure security roles, assign security roles, implement multiple security roles, manage access, implement the standard security model and hierarchy security, configure business units, manage teams
  • Configure email services - Identify integration options, configure email server profiles and default organisation email settings, enable server-side email synchronisation, enable folder tracking, map exchange folders, set up and configure the CRM App for Outlook
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other Office 365 offerings - Select the appropriate Office 365 group integration, create and configure Office 365 groups, integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, enable linking to OneNote files, set up and configure OneNote integration, configure OneDrive integration

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities, entity relationships, and fields

  • Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities - Manage entity ownership, manage entity properties, configure system entities, describe activity entities, configure entity ownership and entity properties, implement managed properties, configure custom entities and security roles, delete entities
  • Implement entity relationships - Define relationship types, create relationships, configure cascading rules, identify types of cascading behavior, work with hierarchical data, configure entity mapping, create connections and connection roles
  • Define and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields - Identify field types, define field naming requirements, configure field properties and field display formats, implement option sets and two option fields, configure lookup fields and customer fields
  • Configure field customisations - Configure fields, configure field properties, use calculated fields, use rollup fields, configure global option sets, create alternate keys, configure field security and security roles, use status and status reasons, identify status reason transitions

Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, forms, views, and visualisations

  • Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions - Recommend usage patterns for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, identify solution components, identify solution types, create managed and unmanaged solutions, configure publishers and versions, manage multiple solutions, import and export solutions
  • Customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms - Identify Microsoft Dynamics 365 form types, build a form, use specialised form components, implement access teams and subgrids, create editable grids, work with navigation, use multiple forms
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 views and visualisations - Identify view types; create, modify, manage, and delete views; customise views; create system and personal charts; identify chart types that can be combined; use available series aggregation types; customise charts; import and export charts; create dashboards and dashboard components; customise dashboards; control access to dashboards
  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices - Deploy the mobile client, identify available entities for the mobile client, configure mobile navigation, design mobile form layout, create custom controls, hide mobile form content, create multiple forms, create mobile views and activity lists

Implement business rules, workflows, and business process flows

  • Implement and manage business rules - Determine when to use business rules; describe business rule scopes; identify actions that trigger business rules; configure business rules, conditions, and actions
  • Implement and manage workflows, dialogs, and custom actions - Implement workflows; identify workflow types; implement dialogs and custom actions; identify when to use business process flows, workflow dialogs, and custom actions
  • Implement and manage business process flows - Identify business flow components; enable business process flows; implement steps, stages, and categories; implement flows that use multiple entities; use conditional branching; implement role-driven business process flows; run workflows

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You'll sit the following exams on your accelerated course, covered by your Certification Guarantee:

Exam MB2-716 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration

  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise
  • Languages: English

Exam MB2-715 Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment

  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise
  • Languages: English

Please note: Exam MB2-715 retires on 30th June 2019. If you attend your accelerated course after this date, you will not be able to sit this exam.

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Firebrand Training offers top-quality technical education and certification training in an all-inclusive course package specifically designed for the needs and ease of our students. We attend to every detail so our students can focus solely on their studies and certification goals.

Our Accelerated Learning Programmes include:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilising our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Comprehensive Study Materials, Program Courseware and Self-Testing Software including MeasureUp *
  • Fully instructor-led program with 24 hour lab access
  • Examination vouchers **
  • On site testing ***
  • Accommodation, all meals, unlimited beverages, snacks and tea / coffee****
  • Transportation to/from designated local railway stations
  • Examination Passing Policy

Our instructors teach to accommodate every student's learning needs through individualised instruction, hands-on labs, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

Firebrand Training has dedicated, well-equipped educational facilities where you will attend instruction and labs and have access to comfortable study and lounging rooms. Our students consistently say our facilities are second-to-none.

Firebrand goes digital

We’re currently migrating from printed to digital courseware. Some courseware is already available in digital, while other books remain in printed form. To find out if this course is digital, call us on +351 800 180 087.

There are several benefits of easy-to-use digital courseware: downloads are immediate, and you’ll always have your courseware available wherever you are. You won’t need to wait for a printed book to be delivered before you start learning – and it’s better for the environment. You can choose to download the courseware to your own device, or borrow one of ours.

Considering a Microsoft course? Always have the most up-to-date Microsoft digital courseware with ‘Fresh Editions’. This gives you access to all versions of digital courseware – you’ll receive updates and revisions of your textbook, at no charge, for the life of that course.

Examination Passing Policy

Should a student complete a Firebrand Training Program without having successfully passed all vendor examinations, the student may re-attend that program for a period of one year.  Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.

Please note

  • * Not on all courses
  • ** Examination vouchers are not included for the following courses: GIAC, CREST and CISSP CBK Review. Exam vouchers may also not be included for Apprentices and will require a separate purchase by an employer due to Education and Skills Funding Agency guidelines.
  • *** On site testing is not included for our GIAC, CREST or ITIL Managers and Revision Certification Courses
  • **** Accommodation not included on the CISSP CBK Review Seminar

See Prerequisites...

Before attending this course, it is recommended you have the following:

  • Basic experience of using Windows applications
  • Basic knowledge of sales, marketing, and customer service roles in a business
  • Basic knowledge of common Microsoft Dynamics CRM record types is preferred

Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites?

Don’t worry - we’ll discuss your technical background, experience and qualifications to determine whether this accelerated course suits you.

Just call us on +351 800 180 087 and speak to one of our enrolment consultants.

Firebrand is an immersive environment and requires commitment. Some prerequisites are simply guidelines; you may find your unique experience, attitude and determination enables you to succeed on your accelerated course.

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Microsoft MCSA Dynamics 365 Course Dates

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Here's the Firebrand Training review section. Since 2001 we've trained exactly 72,589 students and asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently, 96.76% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations.

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"Arriving Sunday evening we were led to our new home for a week. We spent a few hours going through the pre course documentation and setting up a trial instance, getting used to the course ware and preparing ourselves. Meals were great with full menus provided and the choice of a lighter option. The facilities are great, with inclusive tea, coffee and soft drinks available. The facility is open 24/7 for students to study bu tour days ran from 09.00 - 22.00 most days. The course was delivered well and we were able to ask questions and base our learning on our requirements for the product. "
T.W., Check Communications Ltd. (13/5/2019 to 19/5/2019)

"An intense three days, but I passed my exam first time - well worth it. Many thanks to the instructor for helping us prepare for the exam; his delivery style made the content easy to follow . "
A.F.. (28/1/2019 to 3/2/2019)

"All ok, but they told me there was no pre-reading, but there actually was. Teacher was good, so I passed the exam in a good a manner."
Anonymous. (28/1/2019 to 3/2/2019)

"Overall if youre dedicated to it, this is ideal for getting through an or a series of exams. Well worth the money."
Terry M A Dullaghan, The NCC. (28/1/2019 to 3/2/2019)

"Very intense but very rewarding. Not for the faint hearted but worth the effort."
Bretton Jones, Self-employed. (28/1/2019 to 3/2/2019)

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