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Aaron Surtees's Story

I started developing at 15 and have been doing it in my free time since then. It is a field I always enjoyed and I wanted a role where I could be constantly learning new things every day. I started out with Java development before moving onto web focused development (HTML, CSS, JS). I wanted a career that could offer me the flexibility to work whenever/wherever. With the beginning of the digital nomads era just beginning, I wanted to be a part of it. I also enjoy solving problems which are an essential part of software development.

Ever since I left the education system early, due to the need for work, I have been looking for an avenue to get back in. I considered doing an open degree but it seemed incredibly difficult to juggle that commitment with the need to work. When I was approached about the apprenticeship it seemed to fit perfectly with what I needed. Since being on the apprenticeship I have learnt an insane amount that I wouldn't have believed possible. The experience I am getting alongside the great courses offered by Firebrand are far superior to any online degree I could have done.

After the apprenticeship, I am hoping to go onto further education to further solidify the knowledge I have gained and become a valuable member of the development team here where I work. I am also hopeful the skills I have learned could take me abroad to experience other cultures.

Aaron Surtees - Software Developer