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World Exclusive

Firebrand is the only training provider in the world to offer both the Foundation and Practitioner certifications in just three days. This includes sitting both exams.

There's not much that you can achieve in three days. You could walk the entire length of the Thames, or maybe count to 1,000,000 (we worked them both out). Or you could set yourself on your way to a £50,000 salary, as reported by IT Jobs Watch.

We have now certified more than 1,500 students on our PRINCE2 training course. We've listened to their feedback, and this has helped us develop this three-day course. We were challenged to make the course more 'Firebrand-like' (super fast), while maintaining all of the curriculum content from the five-day course.

The real-world case studies remain woven throughout the entire course, and we have been able to remove some exercises that were not needed in the latest curriculum. Fear not, our exclusive lecture, lab, review process remains, to ensure that you learn everything required 40% faster than anywhere else. You will gain two whole days to spend on more work or family time!

Plus, this accelerated PRINCE2 course is officially accredited by PeopleCert

Important note: From January 2023, All Global Best Practice certifications provided by Axelos will require recertification after 3 years. This will affect every certification issued from 1st January 2020 onwards and previous certification holders will be given 6 months to renew their certification. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your recertification requirements.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Her er 8 grunner til hvorfor du skal gjennomføre ditt PRINCE2 2009 hos Firebrand Training:

  1. Du blir utdannet og sertifisert på bare 3 dager. Hos oss får du din utdanning og sertifisering på rekordtid, en sertifisering du også gjennomfører der og da som en integrert del av den intensive, akselererte utdanningen.
  2. Alt er inkludert. Et engangsbeløp dekker alt kursmaterial, eksamen, kost og losji og tilbyr den mest kostnadseffektive måten å gjennomføre ditt PRINCE2 2009 kurs og sertifisering på. Og dette uten noen uannonserte ytterligere kostnader.
  3. Du klarer sertifiseringen første gangen eller kan gå kurset om igjen kostnadsfritt. Det er vår garanti. Vi er sikre på at du vil klare din PRINCE2 2009 sertifisering første gangen. Men skulle du mot formodning ikke gjøre det kan du innen et år komme tilbake og kun betale for eventuelle overnattinger og din eksamen. Alt annet er gratis.
  4. Du lærer deg mer.Tradisjonelle utdanningsdager varer fra kl. 09.00 til 16.00 med lange lunsj- og kaffepauser. Hos Firebrand Training får du minst 12 timers effektiv og fokusert kvalitetsutdanning hver dag sammen med din instruktør, uten private eller arbeidsrelaterte, forstyrrende momenter.
  5. Du lærer deg PRINCE2 2009 raskere. Vi kombinerer de tre innlæringsmetodene (Presentasjon |Øving| Diskusjon) slik at vi gjennomfører kurset på en måte som sikrer at du lærer deg raskere og lettere.
  6. Du er i sikre hender.Vi har utdannet og sertifisert 134.561 personer, vi er partner med alle de store navn i bransjen og vi har vunnet atskillige utmerkelser, bla. a. "Årets Learning Partner 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 og 2015” fra Microsoft Danmark og med en vekst på 1430 % siden 2009 er vi årets Gazelle prisvinner på Sjælland, Danmark.
  7. Du lærer deg ikke bare teorien. Vi har videreutviklet PRINCE2 2009 kursen og tilbyr flere praktiske øvelser og sikrer på den måten, at du kan bruke dine ferdigheter for å løse daglige praktiske problemstillinger.
  8. Du lærer av de beste. Våre instruktører på PRINCE2 2009 er de beste i bransjen og tilbyr en helt unik blanding av kunnskap, praktisk erfaring og pasjon for å lære bort.


Firebrand is the only training provider in the world to offer both the Foundation and Practitioner certifications in just three days. This includes sitting both exams.

The real-world case studies remain woven throughout the entire course, and we have been able to remove some exercises that were not needed in the latest curriculum. Fear not, our exclusive lecture, lab, review process remains, to ensure that you can learn everything required 40% faster than anywhere else.

You’ll cover the following content:

Structured Approach to Managing Projects

  • Setting the scene for a structured approach to managing all projects; project success criteria; the model of the PRINCE2® method including the integrated elements of principles, processes, themes and tailoring.

The Process-based Approach

  • PRINCE2 focuses on key processes needed for successful project management which must be present, but may be ‘tailored’ to reflect the complexity, scope and risks faced by the project. The Process Model will be used to help delegates understand and appreciate what should be done to manage each project, why it should be done and when in the project lifecycle.

Business Case

  • What is a Business Case; Outcomes, Outputs, Benefits and Dis-benefits; Developing, Verifying and Maintaining the Business Case; Contents of the Business Case; Confirming the benefits and the Benefits Review Plan; Business Case Responsibilities.


  • Project Management Team Structure and the Project Board, Project Assurance, Project Manager, Team Manager, Change Authority and Project Support roles & responsibilities. Stakeholder management; Communication Management Strategy; Organization Responsibilities.


  • Levels and content of Plans; Exception Plans; Product-based approach to planning – Project Product Description, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Description, Product Flow Diagram; the planning steps; Plans Responsibilities.


  • Management and Technical Stages. Tolerance and Raising Exceptions. Project Board and Project Manager Controls for Reviewing and Reporting Progress; Baselines for Control; Capturing and Reporting Lessons; Event-driven and time-driven controls; Progress Responsibilities.


  • Issue and Change Control procedure; Configuration Management procedure; Configuration Management Strategy; Baselining, handling changes to, tracking and protecting products. Change Authority and Change Budget; Change Responsibilities.


  • Quality Defined, The Quality Audit Trial; Quality; Acceptance Criteria, Quality Criteria, Quality Management Strategy, Quality Assurance, Quality Controls and Quality Review technique; Quality Responsibilities.


  • What is Risk and Risk Management; Risk Management in Projects; Risk Management Strategy; Risk Management Procedure; Risk Budget; Risk Responsibilities.

Practical Work

  • Specially written scenarios and comprehensive sets of related tasks help provide a practical application of the method. Practical work includes creating process models, completing tasks related to specific elements of the method such as how the themes help to apply the principles as well as a variety of objective test questions. Many tasks are designed to help delegates ‘link’ the four integrated elements of PRINCE2®; “principles”, “processes”, “themes” and “tailoring”.

Exam Track

As part of this accelerated course, you'll prepare for the following exams:

PRINCE2® 5th Edition Foundation Exam

  • Multiple choice format
  • 60 minutes duration
  • 75 questions per paper
  • 5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  • 35 marks required (out of 70 available) to pass - 50%.

PRINCE2® 5th Edition Practitioner Exam

  • 9 questions per paper with 12 marks available per question
  • 59 marks required (out of 108 available) to pass - 55%
  • 2.5 hours allowed (no extra reading time)
  • Open-book examination (only the PRINCE2® Manual is allowed).

What's Included


Ideal candidates should already be working as Project Managers in an environment that follows some form of structured methodology. If you are not a Project Manager, you may currently be in another role within the Project Management team. Examples include Team Manager or somebody within the Project Support Office.


Vi har lært opp 134.561 personer på 12 år. Vi ba dem om å anmelde vår akselererte opplæring. Akkurat nå har 96,53% angitt at Firebrand overgikk forventningene:

"Good value for money"
Anonym (18/7/2011 (Mandag) til 22/7/2011 (Fredag))

"Excellent instruction. "
S.Z. (18/7/2011 (Mandag) til 22/7/2011 (Fredag))

"Very intense and satisfying course with a first class instructor"
Euton Golaub, Self Employed. (18/7/2011 (Mandag) til 22/7/2011 (Fredag))

"Good company that provides excellent training"
Jasbir Flora. (18/7/2011 (Mandag) til 22/7/2011 (Fredag))

"The training pace is fast but not too fast, great if you need the knowledge but do not have the time!!"
Nick Sale, NS Broadcast Engineering ltd ltd. (18/7/2011 (Mandag) til 22/7/2011 (Fredag))


AXELOS - PRINCE2® 2009 - Foundation & Practitioner




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