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Zeven redenen waarom jij voor jouw CCDA cursus voor Firebrand kiest:

Bekijk deze video en zie waarom je met Firebrand geld en tijd bespaart

  1. Jij zal in slechts 3 dagen CCDA getrained zijn. Doordat onze cursussen residentieel zijn kunnen wij langere lesdagen aanbieden en zal je tijdens je verblijf volledig gefocust zijn op jouw cursus
  2. Onze CCDA cursus is all-inclusive. Cursusmaterialen, examen, accommodatie en maaltijden zijn inbegrepen.
  3. Slaag de eerste keer voor CCDA of train gratis opnieuw.Op basis van onze certificeringsgarantie kun je voor het geval je de eerste keer niet slaagt binnen een jaar terugkomen en opnieuw trainen. Je betaalt dan alleen voor accommodatie en examens. De andere kosten zijn inbegrepen.
  4. Je zal meer over CCDA leren. Waar opleidingen elders doorgaans van 9:00 tot 17:00 duren, kan je bij Firebrand Training rekenen op 12 uur training per dag!

  5. Je zal CCDA sneller beheersen. Doordat onze cursussen residentieel zijn word je in korte tijd ondergedompeld in de theorie. Hierdoor zal je volledig gefocust zijn op de cursus en zal je sneller de theorie en praktijk beheersen.
  6. Je zal voor CCDA studeren bij de beste training provider. Firebrand heeft het Q-For kwaliteitlabel, waarmee onze standaarden en professionaliteit op het gebied van training erkend worden. We hebben inmiddels 68.075 professionals getraind en gecertificeerd!
  7. Je gaat meer doen dan alleen de cursusstof van CCDA bestuderen. We maken gebruik van laboratoria, case-studies en oefentests, om ervoor te zorgen dat jij jouw nieuwe kennis direct in jouw werkomgeving kan toepassen.

Denk jij klaar te zijn voor deze opleiding? Doe een GRATIS oefentest om je kennis te testen!


Firebrand Training Official Cisco Learning Partner

This course is designed to give you a foundation knowledge of network design using Cisco's SONA (Service Oriented Network Architecture) methodology. You'll gain information that will assist you in designing routed and switched network infrastructures and services involving LANs and WANs. The course will prepare you for the Cisco CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate) exam, which you'll sit on the course.

During the course, you'll learn how to design routed and switched network infrastructures and services involving LAN, WAN, and broadband access for businesses and organisations, including service virtualisation. The Enterprise Composite Model used in the course will make it easier to design, plan, implement, operate and optimise (PDIOO) through modular network design and focus on the relations between modules. You'll also learn about Software-Defined Networking.

Once you have completed the course, you'll be able to enable efficient network environments with an understanding of network design fundamentals. The certification will demonstrate that you have the skills required to design and apply basic and resilient campus, data centre, security, voice, and wireless networks. You'll also be able to:

  • Describe and apply network design concepts of modularity and hierarchy
  • Create scalable IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Design connectivity to the Internet and internal routing for your network
  • Identify suitable addressing schemes and routing protocols for use in enterprise networks
  • Design routed and switched network infrastructures and services involving LAN, WAN, and broadband access for businesses and organisations.

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Use your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

You may be entitled to free training via Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs). If you’ve bought Cisco hardware or software - check the invoice to see if you have credits waiting to be used! If you’re unsure, get in touch with us.

Reasons for Cisco certification include career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, higher earnings, and increased on-the-job productivity.

Why Cisco Certifications?

  • Cisco Certified Professionals are among the highest paid in the world.
  • Cisco Certification gives you respect in IT Industry by allowing you to provide great value and service to any organisation you work for.
  • Cisco Certification validates an individual's achievement, thereby increasing the holder's professional credibility by ensuring high standards of technical expertise.
  • Industry trend shows that with each certification there is an increase in salary of the certificate holders. Additionally, multiple certifications directly correlate to further increases.

Cisco certifications also afford you special membership benefits:

  • A certificate of accomplishment.
  • A wallet card, logo and designation for your personal promotion to clients or potential employers.
  • Access to the secure Cisco on-line tracking system so you can download logos, and track your Cisco certification progress throughout your career.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.

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The following are the topics covered on the CCDA course

Module 1: Design Methodologies

  • Design Life Cycle
  • Characterising Existing Network
  • Top-Down Approach

Module 2: Network Design Objectives

  • Building a Modular Network
  • Applying Modularity: Hierarchy in a Network
  • Applying Modularity: Virtualisation Overview

Module 3: Campus Network Design

  • Layer 2/Layer 3 Demarcation
  • Layer 2 Design Considerations
  • High Availability Considerations
  • Layer 3 Design Considerations
  • Traffic and Interconnections

Module 4: Enterprise Network Design

  • Designing a Secure Network
  • Edge Connectivity Design
  • WAN Design
  • Branch Design
  • Connecting to the Data Center

Module 5: Design of Internal Routing and Connecting to the Internet

  • Routing Protocol Considerations
  • Expanding EIGRP Design
  • Expanding OSPF Design
  • Introducing IS-IS
  • Expanding IS-IS Design
  • Using BGP to Connect to the Internet

Module 6: Expanding the Existing Network

  • Understanding Quality of Service
  • Supporting Wireless Access
  • Integrating Collaboration

Module 7: IP Addressing

  • Concepts of Good IP Addressing
  • Creating an Addressing Plan for IPv4
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Supporting IP Addressing

Module 8: Introduction to Software Defined Networks


  • Challenge 1: Ask the Right Questions
  • Challenge 2: Design Branch's LAN
  • Challenge 3: Design Branch's Connections to the HQ
  • Challenge 4: Design Branch's Routing
  • Challenge 5: Design Support for Wireless and Collaboration
  • Challenge 6: Design IPv4 Addressing Plan
  • Challenge 7: Design IPv6 Addressing Plan

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During this accelerated three-day course, you'll sit the following exam:

  • 200-310 DESGN exam - Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

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  • Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0 student kit

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Prior to attempting the DESGN exam, candidates must possess a valid CCENT, or CCNA Routing and Switching or any CCIE certification.

Weet je niet zeker of je voldoet aan de vereisten?

Firebrand levert in een afleidingsvrije omgeving waardoor je je volledig kan focussen op de te bestuderen materie. We bespreken graag jouw technische achtergrond, ervaring en kwalificaties om vast te stellen of deze versnelde cursus voor jou geschikt is.

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Wereldwijd heeft Firebrand in haar 10-jarig bestaan al 68.075 studenten opgeleid! We hebben ze allemaal gevraagd onze versnelde opleidingen te evalueren. De laatste keer dat we onze resultaten analyseerden, bleek 96.71% ons te beoordelen als 'boven verwachting'

"I've studied at Firebrand Training several times now and I've never failed an exam."
D.M., Systems IT. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (4/4/2018 t/m 6/4/2018)

"Great instructors with great practical knowledge."
Anoniem - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (17/7/2017 t/m 19/7/2017)

"Excellent lecturer, very good facilities and a good setup to allow you to concentrate on achieving your qualification."
L.C., Hermes Datacomms. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (12/8/2015 t/m 14/8/2015)

"The Firebrand instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to talk confidently about areas outside the course and give real world design scenarios and use cases."
J.B, Seagate technology. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2014 t/m 13/12/2014)

"Be well prepared for attending such an intensive bootcamp for refreshing your knowledge and making it accessible. The chances to pass the exam are much higher that just doing a normal course. I did it a couple of times now and it always worked out!"
R.S. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (23/6/2014 t/m 25/6/2014)

"Excellent - very well organised - the instructor demonstrated excellent knowledge - 90% pass rate says it all!"
Ketan Pyne. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (10/2/2014 t/m 12/2/2014)

"Get the coffee in, buckle up and stay focused. Instructor has an unbelievable amount of knowledge, important not to miss a thing."
Anoniem - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (10/2/2014 t/m 12/2/2014)

"Good course, got what i wanted from my CCDA and passed. "
Rosen Radnev. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (10/2/2014 t/m 12/2/2014)

"Quick way to learn, intensive but worth the effort"
David Rolin. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (10/2/2014 t/m 12/2/2014)

"Great course"
S.S.. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (28/11/2010 t/m 30/11/2010)

"Although there was a lot to cover in the 3 days of my CCDA course I never felt overwhelmed by the pace or level of detail delivered in supporting my successful attempt at achieving the CCDA certification."
Colin Hillman, SELEX Communications Ltd. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (15/8/2010 t/m 17/8/2010)

"Great instructor... really helped focus the learning."
JT. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (9/11/2008 t/m 11/11/2008)

"This is my favourite place to study and revise. The staff are always friendly and helpful, the instructors are knowledgable, and the food is simply outstanding!"
SB, Myself!. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (20/7/2008 t/m 22/7/2008)

"Though I did not do as well on the test as I would have liked, I do not attribute this to Firebrand, staff and facilities are top notch."
Allen Smith. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (1/10/2007 t/m 7/10/2007)

"I had a great week although i did not pass my second exam I'm sure i will next time. All the staff were friendly and very helpful. The course is intense but fare so be prepared for some long days and hard work. "
Martin Williams. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (1/10/2007 t/m 7/10/2007)

"Another great course and 2 more exams passed in a week.. "
Vernon Grandison, Unique Solutions (UK) Ltd. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (1/10/2007 t/m 7/10/2007)

"Our instructor was first class. Always hanged around in case any of us needed his help from early morning to late at night."
Gavin Brooks. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (17/9/2007 t/m 23/9/2007)

"This Firebrand* has the best tution that i ever though of. The instructors are on top of their fields and seem to know all about the course they handdled. I will not hesitate in introducing anyone."
Lewis Maxwell Selby, ghana highway authority. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (9/7/2007 t/m 15/7/2007)

"This is my second time at Firebrand* and once again I would recommend them to anyone looking to study for a IT industry qulification. Everything is geared towards learning and success."
Paul Fuller, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (9/7/2007 t/m 15/7/2007)

"Good all round experience..."
Gavin Poulsom. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (20/8/2007 t/m 26/8/2007)

"I enjoyed the course hugely and would recommend it to anyone. I had studied in my own time and although had a good grasp of the concepts I could not put it all together. The teaching methods and the willingness of the staff at Firebrand* to impart their knowledge was invaluable and everything came together."
Neal Cox. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/7/2007 t/m 5/8/2007)

"It is difficult to say what the best part is. The food is so good the chefs should be running courses in catering. All the staff are so helpful that they could run courses in customer care! It cannot be said thet it isnt hard work, but Firebrand* do everything possible to take away any problems that would prevent you from focussing entirely on your study. I look forward to coming back."
Paul Simpson. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/7/2007 t/m 5/8/2007)

"Fun, intense dame hard waor k but at the end of it you come away think youve done something you can be proud of"
Thomas ORourke, N/A. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/7/2007 t/m 5/8/2007)

"The time at Firebrand* was very useful. Dont believe that you dont work till 10pm every night, because you do. However it works !"
Matt Chinnery. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/7/2007 t/m 5/8/2007)

"Firebrand* the only way to get certified, and what an amazing place, the courses are hard because of the time frame but hardwork and determination, you can do it. Thnaks Firebrand*"
Robert Howard, myself. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/7/2007 t/m 5/8/2007)

"The week was hard work and a lot of infomation to take in. Even though I did not take the exam as I did not feel ready I have rebooked to come back and complete the course and would use Firebrand* in the future."
Phil Emery, Impetus Technologies Ltd. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (28/5/2007 t/m 3/6/2007)

"The course was a well balanced mix of technical and theoretical labs and study sessions, designed to cram for my CCNA."
Ifan Richards, Self Employed. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (28/5/2007 t/m 3/6/2007)

"Good remote location, which promotes learning. Friendly staff, good food (24/7). I would do another course there without a doubt."
Ian Dussold, Unemployed. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/4/2007 t/m 6/5/2007)

"Enjoyed my time at Firebrand*. The work was intense, but all in all, I was made to feel welcome by the staff and found them always willing to help and advise when asked. The catering staff - were diamonds! Thank you once again! I will always recommend Firebrand* to my colleagues."
Glenn Foulds, Nokia Siemens Networks . - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (7/5/2007 t/m 13/5/2007)

"The accommodation was superb and extremely comfortable for a course that was supposed to be intense. Great course."
John O'Hare. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (7/5/2007 t/m 13/5/2007)

"Excellent course ran to a very high standard. A very intensive schedule, but definitely the best way to learn. Coupled with the superb food, I look forward to attending more Firebrand* courses in the future. "
Dean Scrimshire. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/4/2007 t/m 6/5/2007)

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Firebrand* to anyone, for business or private individuals it provides quality training, quality service, quality food and all in a quality location. It is far from easy but certainly worthwhile. If I were to give potential students one piece of advice it would be, be prepared both mentally and physically."
Cian Mc'Caul. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/4/2007 t/m 6/5/2007)

"With a lot of hard work and some long days, it is possible to get a CCNA in 5 days. I had never used a Cisco router or swiFirebrand*h before this course and I sailed through with scores of 1000 and 951."
Geoff Bowditch. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/4/2007 t/m 6/5/2007)

"The course was very concise to what was expected by Cisco. Facitilies and location were great and conducive for dedicated study. All staff were very helpful. Would definately recommend and come back."
Keith Annette, Liberty IT. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (30/4/2007 t/m 6/5/2007)

"The food was that good I'm sure the chefs should show carlsberg how to brew beer!!!"
GG. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (16/4/2007 t/m 22/4/2007)

"Firebrand* provided all the training facilities that I required to complete my course and pass my exams. Because of the setup I could concentrate on studying without having to wory about getting back to a hotel every evening or getting something to eat. Everything is available and included on site."
AH. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (16/4/2007 t/m 22/4/2007)

"Excellent training and got me heading in the right direction for what I want to achieve."
Andy Rose, Scientia Global Inc.. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (5/3/2007 t/m 11/3/2007)

"These courses are not a walk in the park they require dedication and a desire to pass. Prepare for no sleep and lots of work. In the end it is worth it and enjoyable even if you have to have gone home for weeks or months before you realise that!"
Paul Tracy. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (5/3/2007 t/m 11/3/2007)

"Firebrand* is the perfect environment for learning an incredible amount in a short time. Everything possible is done to assist you in focusing on the task in hand, in a flexible way"
Tim Burchmore, Saville Consulting. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (5/3/2007 t/m 11/3/2007)

"Great setting to learn with good help and resources. The need to pre-read in very important has they is limited time to gain a lot of knowledge"
Matthew Deleon, Inventive Solutions. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (12/2/2007 t/m 18/2/2007)

"I highly enjoyed my course and learned much from my time with Firebrand*, only those with 110% to commit should consider the boot camp course as its an assult on your ability to learn vast amounts of information in a short time."
Shaun Parrish, InterRoute. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (12/2/2007 t/m 18/2/2007)

"I have found Firebrand* experience excellent and suits my learning style. The environment enables me to isolate myself from pressures at work and home so I can concentrate on learning. The return policy when I failed my CCNA first time round is excellent and Firebrand* were very flexible. Excellent and I have recommended them to my friends and colleagues."
Ian Lockwood. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (12/2/2007 t/m 18/2/2007)

"With the right pre-course training and attitude of mind to jolly hard work this is by far the best way to study for a CCNA. Having been on other courses that have been, frankly a waste of time and money, this course has left me buzzing. The course materials, the trainers, and the support staff (including those that fed us!) made the whole experience very memorable."
Steve Gay, STL Ltd. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (22/1/2007 t/m 28/1/2007)

"A nice environment to study in, but no time to enjoy it!!!"
Brett Thornton, no-one. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2006 t/m 17/12/2006)

"At the end I covered everything required for the course which made it all worth the effort. I touched everything needed for the course and have a lot of material to read for any subject I may need help on."
OO. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2006 t/m 17/12/2006)

"Early mornings, late nights, hard work - all was justified by the end result!"
GT. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2006 t/m 17/12/2006)

"Great facility for concentration on the study. Good instructors, good material and class rooms."
Patrick van Niftrik. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2006 t/m 17/12/2006)

"I will not say anything about the training, the exceptional experience and the things you learn here, because others already did before me. I will just mention that the food is fantastic. Let you tell this from an Italian. Salmon on a pizza... I would have never tried this by myself, I am completely surprised, its fantastic!"
Marco Ermini, Vodafone. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (11/12/2006 t/m 17/12/2006)

"Course location & amenities were above what I expected. Unfortunately, course was far harder than I believed, but still thoroughly enjoyed time here."
Michael Hollett. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (4/12/2006 t/m 10/12/2006)

"Firebrand* was without a doubt the most phenominal academic place I have been this year. The amount of work that all of the staff put in to make you at home is immense. From the instructors to the chefs, the whole team is geared to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. A word of warning to future students, expect to hit the ground running from the moment you get to the door. The first night I, and other members of my course, were given enough work to keep us awake until the early morning. It is an intensive course, but if you put the work in you will get the results you desire!"
Russell Cashman, Reliance High-Tech. - Cisco CCDA (Design) (3 Dagen) (20/11/2006 t/m 26/11/2006)

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