Microsoft Partner Competency

Microsoft Learning Partner

Getting a competency will help you stand-out from the hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Partners. Only 1% of partners have Gold competency and 5% have Silver. Microsoft invests billions per year into the Partner Network.

However, it can take months for your team to get the certifications required for competency. Not at Firebrand. You can gain all of the required certifications in a few days.

Confused by your competency requirements?

Don't be. Just select your competency from the menu below, and you’ll see the Firebrand certification course that gets you there the fastest. There are often alternative courses to help you get your competency - but below is the fastest option. As well as certifications, there are other requirements from Microsoft before you get your competency. Such as: revenue commitments, assessments and customer feedback. We'll talk you through the whole process.

Call us to see how fast you can get your Microsoft competency.

Application Development - Gold

Application Development - Silver

Application Integration - Gold

Application Integration - Silver

Cloud Business Applications - Gold

Cloud Business Applications - Silver

Cloud Customer Relationship Management - Gold

Cloud Customer Relationship Management - Silver

Collaboration and Content - Gold

Collaboration and Content - Silver

Communications - Gold

Communications - Silver

Data Platform - Gold

Data Platform - Silver

Dev Ops - Gold

Dev Ops - Silver

Messaging - Gold

Messaging - Silver

Windows and Devices - Gold

Windows and Devices - Silver

Windows and Devices - Silver

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Microsoft MCSA: Universal Windows Platform

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