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The Open Group

The Open Group is globally renowned for their innovative standards around the use of open source software. Achieving an Open Group certification has proven essential for businesses to remain current in open source standards.

They have a membership of more than 625 tech companies, including Phillips, Fujitso and IBM - identifying their reputation as a popular and trusted source of education.

Advantages of open source software

Open source software is developed in a collaborative manner. Rather than one company holding the patent on software, it is developed publicly. Developers can therefore leverage the innovation of businesses and individuals globally.

Once a niche specialty, it's now gone mainstream. Both Microsoft and Google have adopted open source in some form.

The volume of contributors can cause problems however. In response to this issue, The Open Group was established. Their standards have now become the global norm for open source users.

TOGAF Certification

Their most important standard is The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), a set of principles and practices employed by enterprise architects. 

TOGAF is now used by 80% of Global 50 companies.

They also oversee the Single UNIX Specification which ensures that operating systems are UNIX compliant.

There are certifications to validate knowledge of most OG standards.

The Open Group Audience

Getting certified will give you the knowledge to build a functional digital framework for a business of any size.

These certifications are ideal for enterprise architects or individuals who wish to lead their organisation through a period of digital transformation.

The TOGAF certification is also valuable for data and risk analysts. IT professionals with a general interest in open source software will benefit too. Certifications are tiered by ability meaning there will be a learning pathway for you.

Accelerated Open Group courses

Certification with the Open Group will require you to take the appropriate exam. In order to prepare for this exam, Firebrand Training can help.

Firebrand offer a unique learning environment, which can help you achieve your certification faster. All our training is done on-site, with meals and accommodation provided. You’ll learn from certified instructors and get the opportunity to sit the exam immediately upon completing the course.

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