Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) & CCNA Security (IINS) - Kun 8 dage

Firebrand Training Official Cisco Learning Partner

Get both your CCENT and CCNA Security certifications in just 8 days in this accelerated dual course. That's 20% faster than traditional training. You'll gain the knowledge and skills to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network, including basic network security.

ICND1 gives you the skills needed for entry-level network support positions and is the starting point for many successful careers in networking. CCNA Security introduces you to the core network security technologies.

ICND1 v2.0 is the latest version and includes many new updates. Several topics have been moved from ICND2 into ICND1, while some topics, such as RIP and wireless, have been removed from the curriculum. Course content has been updated to Cisco IOS Software Release 15. All configuration commands are introduced through examples and supported with lab exercises. All labs are developed with new pod topology and new networking gear.

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With a CCNA Security certification, you'll have the skills needed to develop a security infrastructure, recognise threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. You'll learn core security technologies, the installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices, and competency in the technologies that Cisco uses in its security structure.


Her er 4 gode grunde til at du skal tage CCENT & CCNA Security hos Firebrand:

  1. Du bliver CCENT & CCNA Security uddannet og certificeret hurtigere. Du lærer mere på vores 6 dages accelererede kursus og får mindst 12 timers daglig uddannelse i et distraktionsfrit miljø.
  2. Dit CCENT & CCNA Security kursus er alt-inklusiv. Du får en gennemskuelig pris, der dækker alle kursusmaterialer, eksamen, overnatning og forplejning. Du skal ikke tænke på andet end at lære.
  3. Bestå CCENT & CCNA Security den første gang eller kom tilbage, gratis. Din instruktør er ekspert, og træner dig ud fra accelererede metoder, så du lærer hurtigere og har de bedste muligheder for at bestå eksamen første gang. Men hvis du mod forventning ikke består, er du dækket af vores Certificeringsgaranti.
  4. Tag CCENT & CCNA Security hos en prisvindende uddannelsesleverandør. Vi har vundet adskillige udmærkelser heriblandt Microsofts "Årets Learning Partner" hele fem gange og to Børsen Gazelle priser. Firebrand er din hurtigste vej til uddannelse, og vi har sparet 70,000 deltagere for mere end en million spildte timer siden 2001.

Use your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

You may be entitled to free training via Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs). If you’ve bought Cisco hardware or software - check the invoice to see if you have credits waiting to be used! If you’re unsure, get in touch with us.

Reasons for Cisco certification include career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, higher earnings, and increased on-the-job productivity.

Why Cisco Certifications?

  • Cisco Certified Professionals are among the highest paid in the world.
  • Cisco Certification gives you respect in IT Industry by allowing you to provide great value and service to any organisation you work for.
  • Cisco Certification validates an individual's achievement, thereby increasing the holder's professional credibility by ensuring high standards of technical expertise.
  • Industry trend shows that with each certification there is an increase in salary of the certificate holders. Additionally, multiple certifications directly correlate to further increases.

Cisco certifications also afford you special membership benefits:

  • A certificate of accomplishment.
  • A wallet card, logo and designation for your personal promotion to clients or potential employers.
  • Access to the secure Cisco on-line tracking system so you can download logos, and track your Cisco certification progress throughout your career.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.


During this official Cisco CCNA training course, you'll learn the following material:

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) 3.0

Building a Simple Network

  • Exploring the Functions of Networking
  • Understanding the Host-to-Host Communications Model
  • Introducing LANs
  • Operating Cisco IOS Software
  • Starting a Switch
  • Understanding Ethernet and Switch Operation
  • Troublshooting Common Switch Media Issues

Establishing Internet Connectivity

  • Understanding the TCP/IP Internet Layer
  • Understanding IP Addressing and Subnets
  • Understanding the TCP/IP Transport Layer
  • Exploring the Functions of Routing
  • Configuring a Cisco Router
  • Exploring the Packet Delivery Process
  • Enabling Static Routing
  • Learning the basics of ACL
  • Enabling Internet Connectivity

Building a Medium-Sized Network

  • Implementing VLANs and Trunks
  • Routing between VLANs
  • Using a Cisco Network Device as a DHCP Server
  • Implementing RIPv2
  • Introducing WAN Technologies
  • Introducing Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Implementing OSPF

Network Device Management and Security

  • Securing Administrative Access
  • Implementing Device Hardening
  • Configuring System Message Logging
  • Managing Cisco Devices
  • Licensing

Introducing IPv6

  • Introducing Basic IPv6
  • Understanding IPv6 Operation
  • Configuring IPv6 Static Routes


  • Discovery 1: Get Started with Cisco CLI
  • Discovery 2: Perform Basic Switch Configuration
  • Challenge 1: Implementing the Initial Switch Configuration
  • Discovery 3: Observe How a Switch Operates
  • Discovery 4: Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues
  • Discovery 5: Inspect TCP/IP Applications
  • Discovery 6: Start with Cisco Router Configuration
  • Discovery 7: Configure Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • Challenge 2: Implementing the Initial Router Configuration
  • Discovery 8: Configure Default Gateway
  • Discovery 9: Exploration of Packet Forwarding
  • Discovery 10: Configure and Verify Static Routes
  • Challenge 3: Implementing Static Routing
  • Discovery 11: Configure and Verify ACLs
  • Challenge 4: Implementing Basic Numbered and Named ACLs
  • Discovery 12: Configure a Provider-Assigned IP Address
  • Discovery 13: Configure Static NAT
  • Discovery 14: Configure Dynamic NAT and PAT
  • Discovery 15: Troubleshoot
  • Challenge 5: Implementing PAT
  • Challenge 6: Summary Challenge Lab: 1
  • Challenge 7: Summary Challenge Lab: 2
  • Discovery 16: Configure VLAN and Trunk
  • Challenge 8: Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunk
  • Discovery 17: Configure a Router on a Stick
  • Challenge 9: Implement Multiple VLANs and Basic Routing Between the VLANs
  • Discovery 18: Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP Server
  • Discovery 19: Troubleshoot DHCP Issues
  • Challenge 10: Implementing a DHCP Server in on a Cisco IOS Device
  • Discovery 20: Configure and Verify RIPv2
  • Discovery 21: Troubleshoot RIPv2
  • Challenge 11: Implementing RIPv2
  • Discovery 22: Enhance Security of Initial Configuration
  • Discovery 23: Limit Remote Access Connectivity
  • Challenge 12: Securing Device Administrative Access
  • Discovery 24: Configure and Verify Port Security
  • Discovery 25: Configure and Verify NTP
  • Challenge 13: Implementing Device Hardening
  • Discovery 26: Configure Syslog
  • Challenge 14: Configuring System Message Logging
  • Challenge 15: Summary Challenge Lab: 3
  • Challenge 16: Summary Challenge Lab: 4
  • Discovery 27: Configure Basic IPv6 Connectivity
  • Discovery 28: Configure IPv6 Static Routes
  • Challenge 17: Implement IPv6 Static Routing

CCNA Security

Common Security Threats

  • Common security threats

Security and Cisco Routers

  • Implementing security on Cisco routers
  • Securing the data, control and management plane
  • Cisco Security Manager
  • Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

AAA on Cisco Devices

  • Implementing AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting)
  • AAA
  • AAA functionality


  • Standard, extended, and named IP IOS access control lists (ACLs) to filter packets
  • Considerations when building ACLs
  • Implementing IP ACLs to mitigate threats in a network

Securing Network Management and Reporting

  • Securing network management
  • Implementing secure network management

Common Layer 2 Attacks

  • Layer 2 security using Cisco switches
  • VLAN security
  • Implementing VLANs and trunking
  • Implementing spanning tree

Cisco Firewall Technologies

  • Operational strengths and weaknesses of the different firewall technologies
  • Stateful firewalls
  • Types of NAT used in firewall technologies
  • Implementing zone-based policy firewall using CCP
  • Implementing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
  • Implementing Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)

Cisco IPS

  • Considerations when deploying Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • IPS technologies
  • Configuring Cisco IOS IPS using CCP

VPN Technologies

  • Different methods used in cryptography
  • VPN technologies
  • The building blocks of IPSec
  • Implementing an IOS IPSec site-to-site VPN with pre-shared key authentication
  • Verify VPN operations
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN using ASA device manager

Exam Track...

During this 8-day course, you'll take the following two exams:

  • 100-101 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v2.0)
  • 640-554 Implementing IOS Network Security v2.0

What's Included...


  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 student kit
  • Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security

Det hele er inkluderet! Du får en alt-inklusiv kursuspakke, som er målrettet til dine behov. Vi tager os af enhver detalje, så det eneste du skal fokusere på er dine lærings- og certificeringsmål.

  • Transport til/fra specifikke afhentningssteder
  • Overnatninger, samtlige måltider samt adgang til forfriskninger, snacks, kaffe og the.
  • Intensiv Hands-on uddannelse med vores unikke (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM metode
  • Omfattende kursusmaterialer og labmanualer
  • Et helt igennem instruktørstyret program
  • 24 timers adgang til både undervisningslokale og instruktøren
  • Samtlige måltider samt adgang til forfriskninger, snacks, kaffe og the.
  • Certificeringsgaranti


It's advised that you have experience of desktop operating systems and basic knowledge of networking fundamentals.

Er du klar til dit Firebrand Kursus?

Vi interviewer alle potentielle deltagere angående deres baggrund, uddannelser, certificeringer og personlig indstilling. Hvis du kommer igennem denne screeningsprocedure, betyder det, at du har rigtig gode chancer for at bestå.

Firebrand Training tilbyder et ambitiøst uddannelsesmiljø, som forudsætter at du dedikerer dig til kurset. Ovenstående forkundskaber er vejledende; mange deltagere med mindre erfaring, men med en anden baggrund eller færdigheder, har haft succes med accelereret uddannelse hos Firebrand Training.

Hvis du funderer på hvorvidt du opfylder de anbefalede forkundskaber, er du meget velkommen til at ringe til os på 78 79 16 53 og tale med en af vores uddannelsesrådgivere, som kan hjælpe dig.


Cisco CCENT & CCNA Security Kursusdatoer






27/5/2019 (Mandag)

3/6/2019 (Mandag)




30/9/2019 (Mandag)

7/10/2019 (Mandag)




11/11/2019 (Mandag)

18/11/2019 (Mandag)

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3/2/2020 (Mandag)

10/2/2020 (Mandag)

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16/3/2020 (Mandag)

23/3/2020 (Mandag)

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Vi har uddannet over 72.589 personer i løbet af 12 år. Vi har bedt dem alle om at bedømme vores accelererede kurser. Aktuelt har 96,75% sagt, at Firebrand oversteg deres forventninger:

"Initially thought i would struggle with the Bootcamp method. Dave Petts was able to keep the attention of the group and provide an all round relaxed but intensive learning process."
Rich Bridle. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) & CCNA Security (IINS) (8 dage) (15/9/2014 til 20/9/2014)

"The firebrand course was intense and quick, many hours of information and knowledge."
Morten Lehani Neergaard, Vestforbraending I/S. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (4 dage) (4/4/2016 til 6/4/2016)

"Godt og intensivt kursus med dygtig instruktør. Godt kursus sted i dejlige omgivelser og gode muligheder for at fordybe sig. Kan kun varmt anbefale dette..."
Anonym - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 31/10/2015)

"Den intensive træning man får hos Firebrand er perfekt for att lære materiale hurtigt. Faciliteterne er også helt i top."
Brian Petersen . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"Rigtigt godt kursus. Dygtige og erfarne instruktører. Gode undervisningsforhold. "
Torben Veise , NNIT A/S. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (9/11/2014 til 16/11/2014)

"Instruktøren var i 10 klasser over 1 klasse, super dygtig, rigtig god til at formidle materiale og kæmpe know how +++++++."
Martin Malm , Faxekommune IT. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (4/11/2012 til 11/11/2012)

"En lang men meget lærerig uge. Kan klart anbefales hvis man vil have seriøs undervisning."
Kristian Pedersen , Antenneforeningven Vejen. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (4/12/2011 til 11/12/2011)

"It really is very intensive, but if you can handle that, this way of getting certified really works. "
thoke pedersen , tdc. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (12/12/2010 til 19/12/2010)

"The firebrand "crew" nice and the trainer I had Was very passionate and knowledgeable. "
Tomas Andersen, tdc. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (4 dage) (27/6/2016 til 29/6/2016)

"I Would choose Firebrand again"
Sean Nielsen . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (11/1/2016 til 16/1/2016)

"nice accomodation. good enviroment "
s.c.. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (11/1/2016 til 16/1/2016)

"Great teacher"
Anonym - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (8/11/2015 til 15/11/2015)

"The facilities are fantastic, the staff and food, including training facilities are of a excellent standard. Most definitely will return."
Michael Dye . - Cisco CCNA & CCNA Security (11 dage) (26/10/2015 til 3/11/2015)

"Very good course, the instructor was amazing. He was very interactive, and was not at one point unable to answer a technical question. Very good and qualified teacher! "
David Stampe Groenborg, Vald. Birn A/S. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (12/10/2015 til 17/10/2015)

"Fantastic, learned a lot in very short time!"
M.S., Atea AS Norway. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 31/10/2015)

"Bra instructor, flott sted"
Alf Kare Holmebakk . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 31/10/2015)

"Great instructor, great food, great course!"
Anonym - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 31/10/2015)

"Great for keeping focused with no interruptions."
Jesper Christensen , none. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (4 dage) (12/10/2015 til 14/10/2015)

"Firebrand did everything they can do so I could focus on my studies. It is intensive and fun."
Joakim Åberg . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (8/6/2015 til 13/6/2015)

"Excellent teacher"
Vincent Yarra . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (8/6/2015 til 13/6/2015)

"Fast paced learning, not just remebering the correct answers. I will have good use of this."
Ilmo Anttonen , Cygate. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (19/4/2015 til 26/4/2015)

"Wonderful experience, good food, nice rooms and an outstanding climate. I learned a lot, in a very short period of time."
Henning Clausen , EUC Syd. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"Excellent course. The best teacher. The 6 days feels like 1!!"
Brian Pedersen , Vestforbranding. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"The Instructor was energetic, very, very knowledgable and helpful. Firebrand choices of instructors is top notch. The food was very good and the rooms were clean, warm and comfortable."
James Miller , Viste & Sømme AS. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"Good rooms, good food, equipment works well, brilliant instructor."
M.W.. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"Great course, living and food."
S.T.. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (16/3/2015 til 21/3/2015)

"Firebrand is the perfect Place for Learning alot, and you do it very fast."
Marcus Holmberg, Bredband 2. - Cisco CCNA Service Provider (6 dage) (16/2/2015 til 21/2/2015)

"well organized course and good facilites"
Anonym - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (9/11/2014 til 16/11/2014)

"Good training and no wasted time. Efficient. Got my CCNP"
Erik Lauridsen , TekCon / Freelance Network Consultant. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (9/11/2014 til 16/11/2014)

"Firebrand courses are very good, and also very intense, and they require your full dedication. Dont plan on doing any work-related things during the course, expect to study 15 hours a day, and youll get your certification."
Anonym - Cisco CCNA & CCNA Security (11 dage) (27/10/2014 til 4/11/2014)

"The Cisco IINS course was excellent. I would recommend anybody to come and study this."
S.T.. - Cisco CCNA Security (IINS) (4 dage) (2/11/2014 til 4/11/2014)

"Very intense corse. Very good instruktor. "
Anonym, DeLaval - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (27/10/2014 til 1/11/2014)

"Good facilities and excellent trainer."
Jari Hynninen , Dedicated Network Partners Oy. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (4 dage) (27/10/2014 til 29/10/2014)

"Firebrand: Dedicate yourself and be stronger"
Yahya Alazri , IT Authority Oman. - Cisco CCNA & CCNA Security (11 dage) (1/9/2014 til 9/9/2014)

"Make a plan to improve your knowledge and do it by Firebrand. "
Alireza Emam Doost. - Cisco CCNA Security (IINS) (4 dage) (7/9/2014 til 9/9/2014)

"The best way to get certifications, hard but so much better than normal courses."
Per Jørgensen, Comendo A/S. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"Very good way of learning having so many hours per day with skilled people to answer our questions. "
Thomas Vassøy . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"The instructor is fantastic to explain and we got some very good simulations / practical tasks. "
Simon Scheffmann . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"Great course with an engaging instructor that really helped in breaking down and emphizizing the important and relevant parts of the course material."
Anonym - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"The way of training and the instructor is extremely good!"
Rene Roland . - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"Extremly good learning, good instructor and on accelerated courses people are highly motivated. "
Frodi Danielsen , TF Holding. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"Firebrand, as named produce persons to be a brand of fire with strong knowledge & unlimited confidence. "
Yahya Alazri , Information Tech Authority. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (1/9/2014 til 6/9/2014)

"At Firebrand Ive gained great skills and training in a very short period of time, allowing me to get back to my clients in just a matter of days with a expanded skill set."
Henrik Kamsvag , Atea. - Cisco CCNA Security (IINS) (4 dage) (25/5/2014 til 27/5/2014)

"Good course and good instructor Food was good and location"
Anonym - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (27/4/2014 til 4/5/2014)

"It was really fantastic experience"
Ranjan Tangarajah . - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (27/4/2014 til 4/5/2014)

"Great place with kind people and inspiring instructor(s)!"
Anonym - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (2/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"I was very happy to attend the CCNP as it gave me the knowledge in a very meaningfull form. Loved the location and in combination with a trainer who knows how to keep you focused at later stages of the day it is a great setup. Love to come back for next round !"
michal werner , Bond Technical Management. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (2/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Firebrand at Sundsgaarden give excellent working conditions for accelerated training - thank you."
Soren Fleron , Solutors A/s. - Cisco CCNP (Routing & Switching) (8 dage) (2/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Very good teachers and very good course material that the student can focus 100 % on! "
A.M., Barret AB. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (31/3/2014 til 5/4/2014)

"Thank you very much. Teacher, accommodation and specially planning is great "
Alireza Emam Doost , LSP. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dage) (7/4/2014 til 12/4/2014)