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24/6/2024 (Monday)


ProClarity, a Microsoft Subsidiary, puts your business intelligence to work - moving you quickly beyond a barrage of numbers into "why is this happening?" and "how can we improve it?". ProClarity is designed to expand the capabilities of Microsoft business intelligence, making information simpler to access, easier to use and clearer to understand.

Analysts learn how to use ProClarity end user clients in order to create publishable content including business logic, custom data sets and key performance indicators. Attendees will learn how to publish analytic views for others to consume in an analytic client or dashboard.

For administrators and developers we will also address those who want to correctly design and build AS 2005 cubes from scratch that will perform well being browsed by ProClarity applications.

Our 3 day ProClarity credential highlights your job role, featuring your specific area of expertise. Now you can easily distinguish yourself as an expert in creating and using successful business intelligence solutions.

Who should attend:

  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators

This is an accelerated, residential, fully-immersed course, designed for IT professionals that require effective, real-world skill-building and timely certification. You will live, learn, and test on-site.

Four reasons why you should sit your ProClarity course with Firebrand Training

  1. You'll be ProClarity trained and certified faster. Learn more on this 3-day accelerated course. You'll get at least 12 hours a day of quality learning time in a distraction-free environment
  2. Your ProClarity course is all-inclusive. One simple price covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals – so you can focus on learning
  3. Pass ProClarity first time or train again for free. Your expert instructor will deliver our unique accelerated learning methods, allowing you to learn faster and be in the best possible position to pass first time. In the unlikely event that you don't, it's covered by your Certification Guarantee
  4. Study ProClarity with an award-winning training provider. We've won the Learning and Performance Institute's "Training Company of the Year" three times. Firebrand is your fastest way to learn, with 134.561 students saving more than one million hours since 2001


Training can help ensure your success with ProClarity applications by:

  • Increasing user adoption
  • Implementing solutions more quickly
  • Reducing dependency on technical support
  • Realising organisational goals


Course Materials:

Students attending this blended-learning program will receive a robust set of course materials that caters to each of the three primary individual learning-intake styles (auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic-tactual) - critical for a successful accelerated learning experience.

Daily lectures, labs, and review sessions are supplemented by a combination of Proprietary Lab Manuals & Courseware - developed in conjunction with ProClarity, adapting Official Curriculum to address the demands of accelerated learners.

Delivery Schedule

  • Module 1: Key Concepts in Online Analytics Processing
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of Cube Design
  • Module 3: Using ProClarity Professional to Analyse Data
  • Module 4: Customising Data Views and Data Integration in ProClarity Professional
  • Module 5: Sharing and Publishing Data Views on ProClarity Analytics Server
  • Module 6: Managing Users and Libraries in ProClarity Analytics Server
  • Module 7: Defining Custom Selectors and KPIs using the Business Logic Server
  • Module 8: Exposing Data Views and KPIs on the Intranet
  • Module 9: Advanced Cube Design Concepts
  • Module 10: Defining Calculations, Sets and KPIs in SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Module 11: Processing and Storage of Data Cubes on SSAS
  • Module 12: Defining a Security Architecture on SSAS
  • Module 13: Deploying and Maintaining an Analytics Services Solution

Exam Track

This course is not specifically aimed at certification and does not relate directly to any examinations.

What's Included

Your accelerated course includes:

  • Accommodation *
  • Meals, unlimited snacks, beverages, tea and coffee *
  • On-site exams **
  • Exam vouchers **
  • Practice tests **
  • Certification Guarantee ***
  • Courseware
  • Up-to 12 hours of instructor-led training each day
  • 24-hour lab access
  • Digital courseware **
  • * For residential training only. Accommodation is included from the night before the course starts. This doesn't apply for online courses.
  • ** Some exceptions apply. Please refer to the Exam Track or speak with our experts
  • *** Pass first time or train again free as many times as it takes, unlimited for 1 year. Just pay for accommodation, exams, and incidental costs.


Students are required to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have a working knowledge of SQL Server and its components
  • Understand the business need for Data Analytics and be familiar with its terminology
  • Have prior experience with Business reporting on SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel or similar third-party reporting tools

Are you ready to get certified in record time?

We interview all applicants for the course on their technical background, degrees and certifications held, and general suitability. If you get through this screening process, it means you stand a great chance of passing.

Firebrand Training is an immersive training environment. You must be committed to the course. The above prerequisites are guidelines, but many students with less experience have other background or traits that have enabled their success in accelerated training through Firebrand Training.

If you have any doubts as to whether you meet the pre-requisites please call 89 88 66 05 and speak to one of our enrolment consultants, who can help you with a training plan.


We've currently trained 134.561 students in 12 years. We asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently,
96,40% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations:

"Great trainers and facilities, and being away from work & family really helps you focus on the material."
R.C.M., PGI - Protection Group International Ltd.. (22/4/2024 (Monday) to 27/4/2024 (Saturday))

"Excellent training. Material and instructor very good. Good facilities. Preferred method of learning moving forward."
J.B.. (22/4/2024 (Monday) to 27/4/2024 (Saturday))

"The in-person training is always effective. I have never done certification before I have around 20+ yrs of exp and I did my first one with Firebrand. The only reason I passed the exam due to focused time and no distraction."
Arul Jayaraman, Yayati consulting ltd. (22/4/2024 (Monday) to 27/4/2024 (Saturday))

"The course was very interesting and interactive."
Matthew Clulee, Venture Systems Group. (23/4/2024 (Tuesday) to 26/4/2024 (Friday))

"A good training course, with experienced and knowledgeable instructor, reacting to skills and experience level of the class students."
Mike Hilton, WWF-UK. (22/4/2024 (Monday) to 24/4/2024 (Wednesday))

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