Why you need a graduate

It's unlikely that you'll be able to compete effectively if you can't meet customers demand because of lack of resources - currently, it seems that we´re competing against each other for resources and constantly driving up salaries with widespread negative consequences to follow.

The truth is: There simply aren't enough available resources to recruit from and that´s an obvious threat to the growth of IT in the Nordics. Currently, it's reported that one in every four vacant positions in the IT industry can't be filled. By 2020 we'll need 3-4,000 more IT specialists in Denmark alone!

Where can I find the talent?

This is where the Firebrand Academy comes in. We act as the matchmakers between businesses and candidates, in order to both recruit and train the candidate how to be a value creating consultant - fast! Besides the technical skills, our programs also teach the personal skills needed in order work as customer facing consultants.

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