Firebrand Academy training programs are targeted training solutions that qualify graduates with higher educations to undertake an IT job and produce results. In 3 - and 4 months the candidate will be trained during a training program that alternates between formal education, practical work and mentoring, and culminates in certification. Everything is targeted to develop the candidate for a value-added employee / consultant in his new role - quickly.

To provide the formal education quickly and with maximum knowledge retention, we use Firebrand's unique model of accelerated learning. The method used during the training is specialized in order to maximize learning and obtain certification and also to achieve a high level of practical skills.

In addition to the practical IT skills, which are a must for the candidate to carry out their jobs there are other skills that are at least as important to become a value-adding employee. An important part of what makes successful people productive, is their personal characteristics and the way they interact and communicate with others.

Therefore, the Firebrand Academy training programs also focuses on the basic commercial and personal skills that are central to a skilled consultant. Each training module contains one day of training with a focus on working with customer relations and sales processes that are central to become a value-added consultant.

The training to become a value-creating consultant, gives the candidate a basic understanding of the personal and commercial elements of being a consultant or having a consultant-like role for internal or external customers.

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