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Did you know that the job market in Denmark is booming and that the demand for talent has never been higher? IT is one of the industries experiencing this growth and as such, you'll get amazing opportunities to work as a consultant on international projects for some of the best companies in the country .

”If a bus full of candidates with expertise on infrastructure showed up on my doorstep, I´d hire them on the spot” says Per Kogut, CEO NNIT to Børsen.

The thing is, such candidates are scarce. The IT industry reports, that currently every 1 in 4 IT businesses in Denmark have a vacant position that they are unable to fill. By 2020 we´ll be missing more than 4000 IT professionals. As a result, there has never been a better opportunity to get into IT.

Firebrand Academy is a partnership between Microsoft Denmark and Firebrand Training. With this program, we hire and educate the IT Professionals of the future.

First, we get you hired by one of our Microsoft partners. Next, we get you qualified with a Firebrand Academy program. It consists of 3-4 months of intense practical training on one of Microsoft's key technologies (SharePoint, Dynamics, BI & Infrastructure). The program will not only ensure you have the required technical skills and capabilities but will also teach you how to become a truly value-creating IT consultant from day one.

Candidates for the Firebrand Academy come from many different educational backgrounds. You might have a diploma from ITU, be a candidate from the School of Engineering, School of Business, Technical University of Denmark, the public universities, CBS or any other place. The important thing is:

  • That you have a higher education at Masters level
  • That you´re interested in IT and have a sense of logical thinking and processes

It you meet these requirements, register now and position yourself for a career as a professional within the Danish IT industry. The program is free and you will get paid from day one!

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