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28.9.2020 (Montag)


This 5 day course is designed to give delegates an overview of CRM customisations and how solutions are developed in MS CRM. Students will receive a thorough review of report customisation and development along with tools developers can use for data import and integration of ERP systems to CRM.

This course is aimed at Implementation Consultants / Developers working with MS CRM and possessing practical experience with MS CRM. After completing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer course at Firebrand Training, you'll have more than just your certification. You will have the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to maximise the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The course will be a mix of theory and practical exercises. Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • Plan customizations for a MS CRM Implementation
  • Apply Form Customizations using the Microsoft CRM Customisation Tools
  • Connect CRM to the Internet
  • Plan, create, and configure Custom Entities in Microsoft CRM, and maintain Workflow Rules and Sales Processes Understand form structure
  • Understand Application Integration
  • Create and Customise Microsoft CRM Reports
  • Recognize core MS CRM extensibility features
  • Understand MS CRM Architecture
  • Understand Data types
  • Create and set up workflow .NET assemblies
  • Understand basic callouts
  • Develop code with external file
  • Import Data
  • Understand integration to ERP

Vier Gründe, warum Sie Ihren CRM Developer Kurs bei Firebrand Training machen sollten:

  1. Zwei Optionen für Ihr Training. Wählen Sie für Ihren CRM Developer Kurs zwischen einem Präsenztraining oder der onlinebasierten Variante
  2. Unser CRM Developer Kurs umfasst ein Alles-Inklusive-Paket. Damit Sie sich ganz auf das Lernen konzentrieren können.
  3. Lernen Sie mit einem mehrfach ausgezeichneten Trainingsanbieter. Bereits 75945 Teilnehmer haben unsere bewährten Firebrand-Intensiv-Trainings mit Erfolg besucht.
  4. Bestehen Sie Ihre CRM Developer Prüfung auf Anhieb. Unsere praxiserfahrenen Trainer verwenden den "Lecture-Lab-Review"-Ansatz, damit Sie den bestmöglichen Trainingserfolg erzielen.


So what makes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Solutions so compelling? The following short list highlights some of its features. Several of these features should make a compelling case to upgrade your environment.

What are the benefits of certification?

For HR managers, certification is particularly important because it allows them to more easily identify the skills that an individual possesses. When a company has employees that possess certain skills, it can garner a competitive advantage when seeking to attract customers. Certification can also contribute to increased productivity.


  • Overwhelmingly, individuals with Microsoft certifications have an advanced level of knowledge, expertise and skill, and command more professional credibility.
  • Individual students may receive college credits to utilize tuition reimbursement programs for their IT training or to complete college coursework.

Human Resources

  • Employer-funded training and certification programs are a key to retaining skilled staff. Career development and advancement opportunities are shown to significantly reduce rates of employee turnover.
  • Certification Training Programs provide benchmarks for hiring and promotion decisions by accurately assessing technical skills.
  • For-certification training programs CRM customise educational investments through immediate validation of skills.

In einem Firebrand Intensiv-Training profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Zwei Optionen - Präsenz- oder Onlinetraining
  • Ablenkungsfreie Lernumgebung
  • Eigene Trainings- und Prüfungszentren (Pearson VUE Select Partner)
  • Effektives Training mit praktischen Übungseinheiten und intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Trainer
  • Umfassendes Leistungspaket mit allem, was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zertifizierung zu erhalten, inklusive unserer Firebrand Leistungsgarantie.


Firebrand Training has an aggressive educational schedule that thoroughly covers all essential elements necessary to become skilled as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Developer professional.

Customisation - Advanced Topics

  • Microsoft CRM Customisation
  • Basic Customisations
  • Custom Entities
  • Workflows
  • Application Integration
  • Reports Customisation / Development

Extending CRM

  • Extensibility Overview
  • Architecture
  • Common Platform Operations
  • Advanced Platform Operations
  • Workflow .NET assemblies
  • Business Logic Extensions
  • Application Event Programming
  • Connect CRM to the Internet

Cases / Real Customer Needs

  • Import of data / Data Migration Framework
  • Integrating to ERP

Exam Track

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer certified candidates are required to pass the following exams.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Customization and Configuration (MB2-631)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Extending Microsoft Dynamics (MB2-634)

What's Included

Microsoft Official Curriculum

  • MOC 8969 BC - Extending Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0
  • MOC 8912 AC - Customization & Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0
  • MOC 80003 AC - Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0


Students who are successful in accelerated Dynamics CRM Developer certification training are required to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have attended the Accelerated CRM application training or have knowledge equal to the Applications Professional exam track.
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Good understanding of web development, including how client-side code interacts with the Internet Explorer Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Knowledge of a .NET development language (C# or VB.NET)
  • An understanding of XML and how to manually modify an XML document

Sind Sie sich unsicher, ob Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen? Wir besprechen gerne mit Ihnen Ihren technischen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Qualifikation, um herauszufinden, ob dieser Intensivkurs der richtige für Sie ist.


Bereits 75945 Kursteilnehmer haben seit 2001 erfolgreich einen Firebrand-Kurs absolviert. Unsere aktuellen Kundenbefragungen ergeben: Bei 96.75% unserer Teilnehmer wurde die Erwartungshaltung durch Firebrand übertroffen!

"Instructor was excellent"
Anonym (28.11.2011 (Montag) bis 2.12.2011 (Freitag))

"The trainer in Dynamics CRM was excellent, with a good mix of theory, practicals and discussion around real-life scenarios, which enabled me to pass the MCP exams with relative ease."
Anonym (28.11.2011 (Montag) bis 2.12.2011 (Freitag))

"I would highly recommend the CRM developer course. The training is hard work, but well worth the investment in money and time."
Owen Bradley, Wheelies Direct. (22.8.2011 (Montag) bis 26.8.2011 (Freitag))

"The week at Firebrand was intense, but rewarding. The course was very detailed, and the instructor definitely knew his stuff. It would have taken me many months to learn this much so thoroughly, by myself. These 5 days were great value."
Daniel Neal, EvoEnergy. (22.8.2011 (Montag) bis 26.8.2011 (Freitag))

"A good experience - total immersion in the subject and everything is designed to get you through the exams."
Robin McLeary, Atos. (22.8.2011 (Montag) bis 26.8.2011 (Freitag))







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