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This accelerated IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asian (CIPP/A) course, certifies proficiency in the key data privacy practices of major Asian economies. CIPP/A holders are known for their ability to apply relevant knowledge and a nuanced understanding of privacy practices to the needs of organizations operating in Asia and around the world.

Asian economies are major growth engines with unique data privacy laws, regulations and practices. Offered through IAPP Official Training Partner Straits Interactive, Asian Privacy Training, the principal training course for the CIPP/A certification, teaches laws that govern data use, collection, and transfer in top Asian markets.

CIPP/A training provides a detailed examination of regional and international data privacy laws and principles that govern data use in Asian markets. You will learn their respective data privacy principle frameworks, data subject rights, and the elements of personal information.

In just 4 days, you’ll learn Fundamental Privacy Principles. You’ll also learn about:

  • Singapore Privacy Laws and Practices
  • Hong Kong Privacy Laws and Practices
  • India Privacy Law and Practices
  • Common Themes Among Principle Frameworks

At the end of this course, you’ll achieve your IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asian (CIPP/A) certification. Through Firebrand’s Lecture | Lab | Review methodology, you’ll get certified at twice the speed of the traditional training and get access to courseware, learn from certified instructors, and train in a distraction-free environment.



This course is ideal for:

  • Privacy professionals responsible for compliance, cross-border data transfer, and internal data protection in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.


IAPP-certified instructors

Firebrand instructors are fully IAPP-certified and bring a wealth of real-world experience to enrich the course content with relevant and useful examples.

IAPP membership

Delegates training with Firebrand for the first time receive a 12-month membership with IAPP as part of their course package. Delegates whose membership has expired have to renew it separately for $275 through the IAPP website. Alternatively, delegates can pay a Certification Maintenance fee (24 months) of $250; this preserves the certification but provides no membership privileges.

In einem Firebrand Intensiv-Training profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Zwei Optionen - Präsenz- oder Onlinetraining
  • Ablenkungsfreie Lernumgebung
  • Eigene Trainings- und Prüfungszentren (Pearson VUE Select Partner)
  • Effektives Training mit praktischen Übungseinheiten und intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Trainer
  • Umfassendes Leistungspaket mit allem, was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zertifizierung zu erhalten, inklusive unserer Firebrand Leistungsgarantie.


Module 1: Privacy Fundamentals

  • Understand modern privacy principles.
  • Identify the elements of personal information.
  • Attain adequacy in international jurisdictions.

Module 2: Asian Data Protection Laws

  • Learn the major regional laws and enforcement bodies.
  • Know the legislative history of privacy in those jurisdictions.
  • Compare laws and practices between jurisdictions.

Module 3: Privacy Principle Frameworks

  • Study differences in protections and principles.
  • Learn data subject rights.


Exam Track

At the end of this accelerated course, you’ll achieve your IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asian (CIPP/A) Certification

What's Included


There are no prerequisites for this accelerated course.

Sind Sie sich unsicher, ob Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen? Wir besprechen gerne mit Ihnen Ihren technischen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Qualifikation, um herauszufinden, ob dieser Intensivkurs der richtige für Sie ist.


Bereits 134561 Kursteilnehmer haben seit 2001 erfolgreich einen Firebrand-Kurs absolviert. Unsere aktuellen Kundenbefragungen ergeben: Bei 96.40% unserer Teilnehmer wurde die Erwartungshaltung durch Firebrand übertroffen!

"Umfangreiches Wissen, strukturiert und kurzweilig vermittelt - vielen Dank!"
Calin Rus, HiSolutions AG. (7.5.2018 (Montag) bis 9.5.2018 (Mittwoch))

"The course was well-delivered in an informative and entertaining way"
MT, Intercity Technology. (30.8.2023 (Mittwoch) bis 1.9.2023 (Freitag))

"Instructor is very knowledgeable, great course with great materials. Would recommend to colleagues and friends."
SW. (30.8.2023 (Mittwoch) bis 1.9.2023 (Freitag))

"Great facilities and staff, and a fab, distraction-free way to study. Everything was very well organised and went smoothly. The tutor was experienced and delivered the course at a good pace and provided lots of useful insight. Altogether a fantastic studying experience - thank you Firebrand!"
Simi Belo, Freelancer. (29.5.2023 (Montag) bis 31.5.2023 (Mittwoch))

"The instructor was amazing and kept me interested for those 3 days in what could be a not so interesting subject"
Jenni Bland, NA. (16.7.2020 (Donnerstag) bis 18.7.2020 (Samstag))







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