Online Instructor-Led Training

Online Virtual Classroom
Online Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom

At Firebrand, we specialise in getting you certified at twice the speed. For all of our courses, you can choose to study onsite or through Online Instructor-Led Training, also known as Firebrand OIL. Get certified in record time, from the comfort of your home—Firebrand-style!

What is Firebrand OIL?

Firebrand OIL uses Microsoft Teams to deliver a rich, interactive Virtual Classroom experience and immerse students in learning, emulating the physical experience as closely as possible. The platform allows for multimedia lectures and a hands-on training experience.

What courses can I attend online?

All of our courses can be attended through OIL, including

How does Online Instructor-Led work?

Simply book your course as usual and our training experts will set you up on Microsoft Teams. Once that is done, you'll just need to dial in and join the Virtual Classroom. From your dashboard, you'll also be able to access:

  • Live instructor view on camera, including whiteboard
  • Course slides and demonstrations straight from the instructor's computer
  • Classroom audio including onsite questions from fellow students
  • Online tools to ask and answer questions, follow demonstrations and create annotations
  • Group chat to discuss topics in real-time

What equipment or software do I need to attend an online course?

There are no special requirements. You just need:

  • A desktop or laptop capable of running Microsoft Teams, see specs here
  • A headset and microphone (we recommend using webcams, but it's not mandatory)
  • A stable broadband connection

Will I still receive the courseware?

Most of our courseware is digital, so you'll receive all course materials in your inbox. If your course requires physical materials, these will be mailed to you before the course.

What are labs and why are they important?

All Firebrand accelerated IT training courses follow our trademark Lecture | Lab | Review methodology. Our labs aren't physical spaces; rather, they are virtual environments that run on a virtual machine and contain specific challenges and exercises related to course modules. Labs are vital as they give students the hands-on experience that will help cement the knowledge they've absorbed.

At Firebrand, we use Skillable or GoDeploy, depending on the course.

Will I have access to labs when taking an Online Instructor-Led course?

Of course! You still have access to the official course labs, the same as if you were in the classroom.

How do labs work when taking a course remotely via Firebrand OIL?


  1. Your instructor will provide you with a link and login credentials so you can join the lab platform;
  2. Once you get these details, you can log in via your regular web browser while still participating in the class live on Teams;
  3. Once there, you might see a countdown; don't worry, you can reset and pause the counter as many times as you wish;
  4. In fact, you will retain access to the labs for 180 days afterwards, long after you've completed your course, and you can continue to practice and refer to it from anywhere.

Do OIL courses include certification exams?

With a few exceptions, online testing is included. For more information on your specific case, please get in touch.

How do I sign up for Online Instructor-Led courses?

To sign up for the OIL delivery option, please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements.

What are people saying about Firebrand OIL?

"We have trained during the coronavirus outbreak and the firebrand team really deserve a massive amount of recognition for remaining focused and in good spirits during a difficult time. Course content is on point as I have seen on previous courses. I have extended the training out to my teams within my organisation as it is a trusted brand throughout our departments. The offsite approach works really well. This is my second course with a 3rd booked in 8 weeks."
DM, Freshfields. (20/03/2020)

"The instructor, Dimitrios, was very knowledgeable, professional and simply brilliant with the explanations and demonstrations of the various testing tools including troubleshooting any student installation issues. We used the remote OIL service and it was like being in the classroom with regards to using the labs and viewing the course presentation slides. The course went ahead despite the UK Gov lockdown guidance on COVID-19, Firebrand provided access via the Online Instructor-Led OIL service. I didn’t have to rearrange leave and could study as planned - fantastic service, well done Firebrand!"
Mark Grover, Infosec Consulting ltd. (27/03/2020)

"Due to COVID-19, the course was done online via Microsoft Teams, so couldn’t get the full experience. However, was still very interesting and insightful. The person running the online course, Sam Owen, was fantastic. Delivering the course brilliantly, remaining entertaining throughout, and overcoming unforeseen issues as and when they occurred."
Jamie Bunce, CGI. (03/04/2020)

"Even in this time of unknown and constant change, Firebrand were still able to put on a competent course virtually with an equal amount of freedom and support we would have in a normal classroom."
Craig Gillet, Virgin Media. (03/04/2020)

"My experience with Firebrand training has been incredibly positive. Although I feel I may have had a better experience attending training on premises, I feel the trainer made the best of a very unique situation we are all faced with. The delivery of the content was on point and covered everything we needed to know. If there were any additional questions, the trainer was always available to talk and answer anything we raised through demonstration and screen share. At the start of this course, I felt I had a very low level of general and Azure networking knowledge. Thanks to the support of the trainer, I now feel empowered to not only explore this further but also to take the certified exam shortly. Thank you for a great experience, I will certainly be taking a firebrand course again."
Gavin Reynolds, Cambridge Judge Business School. (09/04/2020)