DevOps Agile Skills Association helps individuals and teams determine how ready they are for DevOps. More importantly, it also helps organisations determine if the team has the right set of skills and capabilities to achieve high-performance levels.

Who are DASA

DASA is an open community-driven platform that aims to support DevOps journeys around the world through training, certification and knowledge sharing.

Benefits of DASA Certification

  • Qualify for jobs within fields that those without a certification are not considered for
  • Lead to a better job performance, performance reviews and salary appraisals
  • Help your organisation grow
  • Ability to work in a variety of roles

DASA Pathways and Audience

This certification is aimed for any passionate IT professional who wants to succeed with DevOps. It is recommended that DASA courses are taken by anyone who works within DevOps or is interested in adding to their existing skill set.


Check out the courses below and get DASA certified.

Hot Course

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

2 Days