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8.2.2021 (Montag)


On this 4-day accelerated CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst (CR IA) course, you'll become familiar with the whole story of a cyber-attack - from intrusion detection to malware reverse engineering - 20% faster than traditional training.

This is the first cross discipline course of its kind that covers the essential knowledge and hands-on practical skills needed for intrusion detection, incident handling, computer/network forensics and malware reverse engineering.

This accelerated CR IA training will teach you essential knowledge and hands-on practical skills through Firebrand's unique Lecture | Lab | Review technique.

Your expert instructor will guide you through how to detect and handle an attack and how to trace, acquire, investigate, analyse and re-construct the incident. You'll learn to lay groundwork for malware analysis by presenting the key tools and techniques malware analysts use to examine malicious programs.

You'll also learn:

  • Soft Skills and Incident Handling - record keeping and incident chronology
  • Core Technical Skills - IP protocols, OS fingerprinting and host analysis techniques
  • Background Information Gathering & Open Source - DNS
  • Network Intrusion Analysis - network traffic cpature, incoming attacks and flase positive acknowledgement
  • Analysing Host Intrusions - identifying suspect files, infection vectors and live malware analysis
  • Reverse Engineering Malware - windows executable file formats and functionality identification

Access to 24/7 labs means that you can test your theoretical skills with practical exercises anytime you like.

This course builds on the skills learnt in the CPIA and prepares you for the CRIA exam. Don't pass the exam first time? Don't worry - we've got you covered with your Certification Guarantee.

If you're a systems administrator, incident handler, IT manager, Government or law enforcement wishing to expand your knowledge on Digital Forensics, this course is ideal for you.

The CRIA certification is also ideal for those hoping to start a career in Intrusion Analysis or Digital Forensics.

Note: This course is provided in conjunction with InfoSec Skills®, who are a CREST accredited training organisation.

Vier Gründe, warum Sie Ihren CR IA Kurs bei Firebrand Training machen sollten:

  1. Zwei Optionen für Ihr Training. Wählen Sie für Ihren CR IA Kurs zwischen einem Präsenztraining oder der onlinebasierten Variante
  2. Unser CR IA Kurs umfasst ein Alles-Inklusive-Paket. Damit Sie sich ganz auf das Lernen konzentrieren können.
  3. Lernen Sie mit einem mehrfach ausgezeichneten Trainingsanbieter. Bereits 76881 Teilnehmer haben unsere bewährten Firebrand-Intensiv-Trainings mit Erfolg besucht.
  4. Bestehen Sie Ihre CR IA Prüfung auf Anhieb. Unsere praxiserfahrenen Trainer verwenden den "Lecture-Lab-Review"-Ansatz, damit Sie den bestmöglichen Trainingserfolg erzielen.


In einem Firebrand Intensiv-Training profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Zwei Optionen - Präsenz- oder Onlinetraining
  • Ablenkungsfreie Lernumgebung
  • Eigene Trainings- und Prüfungszentren (Pearson VUE Select Partner)
  • Effektives Training mit praktischen Übungseinheiten und intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Trainer
  • Umfassendes Leistungspaket mit allem, was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zertifizierung zu erhalten, inklusive unserer Firebrand Leistungsgarantie.


Module 1: Soft Skills and Incident Handling

  • Incident Chronology
  • Record Keeping, Interim Reporting & Final Results

Module 2: Core Technical Skills

  • IP Protocols
  • Common Classes of Tools
  • OS Fingerprinting
  • Application Fingerprinting
  • Network Access Control Analysis
  • File System Permissions
  • Host Analysis Techniques

Module 3: Background Information Gathering & Open Source

  • Domain Name Server (DNS)

Module 4: Network Intrusion Analysis

  • Network Traffic Capture
  • Data Sources and Network Log Sources
  • Network Configuration Security Issues
  • Beaconing
  • Command and Control Channels
  • Exfiltration of Data
  • Incoming Attacks
  • Reconnaissance
  • Internal Spread and Privilege Escalation
  • False Positive Acknowledgement

Module 5: Analysing Host Intrusions

  • Windows File Structures
  • Application File Structures
  • Windows Registry Essentials
  • Identifying Suspect Files
  • Infection vectors
  • Live Malware Analysis

Module 6: Reverse Engineering Malware

  • Functionality Identification
  • Processor Architectures
  • Windows Executable File Formats
  • Behavioural Analysis

Module 7: CRIA Exam Preparation & Mock Exam

  • CRIA - Examination Guidance
  • CRIA - Practice Exam

Exam Track

The CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst is an open book exam comprising of multiple choice questions weighed on difficulty. You'll also be implementing theory learnt by performing basic network and host intrusion analysis as well as malware reverse engineering.

Exam time: 2.5 hours

The exam fee is not included in the course price. If you wish to take the exam, we’ll provide instructions on how to register.

What's Included

On this course you'll recieve:

  • Intrusion Analysis tools and VMs in an .ISO image
  • Official CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst course ware


Before attending this course, you must have completed the CREST Practitioner Intrusion Analyst (CPIA) exam.

Sind Sie sich unsicher, ob Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen? Wir besprechen gerne mit Ihnen Ihren technischen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Qualifikation, um herauszufinden, ob dieser Intensivkurs der richtige für Sie ist.


Bereits 76881 Kursteilnehmer haben seit 2001 erfolgreich einen Firebrand-Kurs absolviert. Unsere aktuellen Kundenbefragungen ergeben: Bei 96.73% unserer Teilnehmer wurde die Erwartungshaltung durch Firebrand übertroffen!

"Fantastic instructor. Professional, enthusiastic, and knows the subject inside out. An absolute pleasure to learn from. "
J.M.J., Program Planning Professionals Ltd. (8.10.2018 (Montag) bis 11.10.2018 (Donnerstag))

"The instructor we had was very knowledgeable and approachable and willing to delve further into detail (time permitting). Course content was very informative and additional reading material is very helpful so I know where to concentrate my efforts."
Philip Freeman, Xpertex. (8.10.2018 (Montag) bis 11.10.2018 (Donnerstag))

"Excellent training - trainers and venue ideally setup to support your learning needs."
Chris Cobb, Xpertex ltd. (8.10.2018 (Montag) bis 11.10.2018 (Donnerstag))

"Brilliant course which was very comprehensive. Long hours but instructor was also flexible and happy to adapt pace to needs of group/individual. "
J.T.. (20.8.2018 (Montag) bis 23.8.2018 (Donnerstag))

"Excellent facilities and training structure. Long hours but worth investing the time."
William Davies. (20.8.2018 (Montag) bis 23.8.2018 (Donnerstag))







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