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7.2.2022 (Montag)


The fundamentals of networking, internet protocols and network security are crucial for IT professionals - get the networking knowledge you need in only 3 days.

On this accelerated CIW Network Technology Associate course, you’ll get the essential networking technology and skills you need, whether you’re a seasoned professional or are looking for your first networking role.

You’ll learn how to use core networking technologies and skills like:

  • TCP/IP, network creation and network troubleshooting
  • Network components and protocols to share data easily
  • Basic hardware and operating system maintenance
  • Mobile computing and RFC
  • Routing & IP addressing
  • Essential network security concepts

You’ll also study the functions and features of internet services like cloud computing and learn the benefits of implementing your own Content Management System (CMS).

Get certified with Firebrand, a CIW Authorised Training Partner. You’ll study official CIW courseware and take the CIW Network Technology Associate (1D0-61C) exam at the end of your course. This exam is covered by your Certification Guarantee.

Students and professionals in all industries will benefit from this certification, including professionals working in healthcare, legal, marketing, graphic and business sectors.


In einem Firebrand Intensiv-Training profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Zwei Optionen - Präsenz- oder Onlinetraining
  • Ablenkungsfreie Lernumgebung
  • Eigene Trainings- und Prüfungszentren (Pearson VUE Select Partner)
  • Effektives Training mit praktischen Übungseinheiten und intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Trainer
  • Umfassendes Leistungspaket mit allem, was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zertifizierung zu erhalten, inklusive unserer Firebrand Leistungsgarantie.


Introduction to Networking

  • Overview of networks and protocols
  • Telephony and convergence networking
  • Networking evolution
  • Client/server model
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Networking categories
  • Network topologies
  • Network operating system
  • Microsoft Windows servers
  • UNIX/Linux
  • The need for protocols
  • OSI reference model
  • Data encapsulation packets
  • OSI/RM protocol examples
  • Transmission control
  • Protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Binding protocols
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

Networking Components and Standards

  • Overview of networking components
  • Common network components
  • Transmission media
  • Wireless network technologies
  • Transmission types
  • IEEE LAN standards
  • Carrier systems
  • Virtualisation

Connecting to the Internet

  • Introduction to connecting to the internet
  • Mobile computing
  • Mobile devices and cloud computing
  • Configuring a wireless network
  • Fourth-generation (4G) wireless
  • TCP/IP
  • Internet architecture
  • Internet protocols
  • Demultiplexing
  • Introduction to routing
  • Routing protocols
  • Port numbers
  • Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
  • Configuring TCP/IP
  • Diagnostic Tools for the Internet
  • Troubleshooting

Internet Services

  • Overview of internet services
  • Cloud services
  • Real-world case study: internet servers
  • Choosing web server products
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Hardware and Device Connectivity

  • Introduction to hardware and device connectivity
  • Motherboard
  • Storage devices
  • Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Optical discs
  • Device connectivity
  • System management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Software troubleshooting

Network and Cloud Security Risks

  • Importance of network security
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Real-world case study
  • Cloud security threats
  • Cloud disaster recovery
  • Malware (malicious software)
  • Overview of network attack types
  • Defeating network attacks
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Security Zones
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Security audit
  • Other security threats

Exam Track

You'll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training Centre, covered by your Certification Guarantee:

  • CIW Network Technology Associate exam - 1D0-61C

Exam details:

  • Exam duration: 30 minutes
  • Number of questions: 30
  • Passing score: 63.33%

What's Included


You will not need prior experience in web development or network technology. However, it is recommended that you are familiar with an operating system like Microsoft Windows 10 before taking this course.

Sind Sie sich unsicher, ob Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen? Wir besprechen gerne mit Ihnen Ihren technischen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Qualifikation, um herauszufinden, ob dieser Intensivkurs der richtige für Sie ist.


Bereits 108507 Kursteilnehmer haben seit 2001 erfolgreich einen Firebrand-Kurs absolviert. Unsere aktuellen Kundenbefragungen ergeben: Bei 96.66% unserer Teilnehmer wurde die Erwartungshaltung durch Firebrand übertroffen!

"I enjoyed this training course more than my last one, the instructor was very good as he went through the material at a good pace."
Emma Allen. (1.4.2019 (Montag) bis 2.4.2019 (Dienstag))

"Thanks firebrand!"
Anonymous. (1.4.2019 (Montag) bis 2.4.2019 (Dienstag))

"Been very good."
Anonymous. (1.4.2019 (Montag) bis 2.4.2019 (Dienstag))

"Very informative and concise. Fast learning."
Anonym (9.4.2018 (Montag) bis 10.4.2018 (Dienstag))

"The instructor was hilarious, yet very competent. He went through the course at a relaxed pace, didn't mind expanding on subjects that the class wanted more information and gave us working examples on the materials covered and how they relate in real life. Easily the best trainer I have experienced so far. "
L.H.. (9.4.2018 (Montag) bis 10.4.2018 (Dienstag))







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