Proud To Be Microsoft Certified

Proud to be Certified

Microsoft are launching their proud to be certified campaign and need your help! If you are Microsoft certified then they would love for you to share your story with them.

They want to know why you got Microsoft Certified and how it has impacted your life, career, or personal development. Getting certified can improve your confidence levels, set you apart from the crowd, and boost you to new heights in your career. Did any of this happen for you? They want to know!

Microsoft would love to hear about your experience by recording a short video message. You may choose to consider the following in your video entry:

  • A general overview of your experience
  • How certification helped you
  • What you did to prepare
  • How it changed your career
  • What new insights you gained

A selection of these stories will be featured at Microsoft Ignite in early 2021! So start sending your entries in now. Entries can be submitted in any language, so don’t worry if English isn't your first language.

About The Video

  • First things first introduce yourself! Include your name and the fact that you are #proudtobecertified
  • Ensure when recording your video that:
    • You have good lighting, your face should be clearly visible
    • Keep your camera at eye level, so you aren't looking up or down
    • Use an external microphone where possible
    • There is no external noise e.g. fans or radios
  • Remove clutter from your background
  • The video should be Maximum 3 minutes long
  • Have fun with it! Microsoft knows you are excited about your certifications so show them.

Show Us Some Love

We would love for you to mention Firebrand in your video if you enjoyed your time with us. Let Microsoft know the additional contribution and added value you gained by preparing for your Microsoft certification with us.