Microsoft Cloud Partner

Firebrand Training earns Microsoft Cloud badge!

We're among the top few companies in the world to receive the Microsoft Cloud badge

At Firebrand, Microsoft courses have been a core part of our offering ever since we opened our doors in 2001. Our learners receive access to Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and learn from the latest Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC).

Since 2001, we have offered classroom-based Microsoft training; since 2020, we have offered it online through Online Instructor-Led Training (OIL) and on a Hybrid basis. All our Microsoft courses are accelerated and include the exam fee, enabling learners to get certified at twice the speed.

In addition, Microsoft certifications form the basis of our Government-funded Apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps programmes; learners earn both a certificate of completion for these programmes and, for most programmes, additional Microsoft certifications too.

Due to the quality of our training, we were previously awarded the status of official Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning. This status was recently replaced with the Microsoft Cloud Partner programme and we were excited to earn badges for three categories — Data and AI, Infrastructure, and Business Applications.

Now, we have just been notified that we've been awarded all the other badges too, bringing our total to six badges. Because we have achieved all six badges above, we are also awarded the Microsoft Cloud badge.

Which badges do we have?

According to Microsoft, we have proven our expertise in delivering quality solutions in these six specialised business areas:

How did we earn the badges?

The badges are awarded to training providers that are committed to providing approved Microsoft content to their learners, delivered by MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers), leading to learners achieving Microsoft certifications. Microsoft monitor data points such as learner feedback, courseware consumption, and number of exams, and award badges to training providers that achieve high-quality results.

Being awarded the badges is a testament to Firebrand's quality of delivery and dedication to learner outcomes — this badge is a symbol to people looking for a course that Microsoft trust Firebrand to deliver high-quality training.

Interested in Microsoft training?

For the past 12 years in a row, we've been recognised as one of the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World. Whether you’re a Microsoft pro or just starting out, we've got a course for you, as well as IT Apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps created around them. Perhaps one of them is right for you?

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